does this week feel like a whole string of mondays to anyone else?

January 17th, 2007

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wow. i’ve just been draggin’ all week! some of my co-workers and friends have expressed the same feeling. i just feel like this week was three mondays in a row… energy-wise… ambition-wise.. etc.

other than being so tired.. i had a great little trip to the band today during my lunch hour. my mom had called me a while back saying “hey.. we have these bonds that your grandma & grandpa apps gave you when you were young… i don’t know much about them.. but you do have them here.. just so you know.” so i took them to the bank and asked some questions.. since i know little to NOTHING about bonds. (i do remember my grandma handing an envelope filled with them when i was little.. and as i opened it up she said “you probably won’t appreciate these now.. but later.. you will” boy was she right! -) ) so the guy at the bank was explaining that bonds stop making interest after 30 years… and a couple of the bonds i had were getting close to them (since my grandma bought them when i was born.) so i decided to cash them in and put them in my savings account. and i was just amazed.. three $50 bonds from 1979 were worth over $530! it was a nice little surprise. -) and the $30 in my savings account was looking a bit lonely. -)

yesterday i got a little package in the mail from my online friend, jenn. it was her ‘2006 soundtrack’ cd. i’ve been ‘bumpin’ it’ in my car ever since. and i really think it’s such a good idea to make a little mix cd of ’songs that meant a lot to me’… so i think i’m gonna steal borrow that idea from her again. SO! if you are interested in getting a little mix cd from me… leave me a comment, or drop me an email.. and make sure to give me an up-to-date address to send it. i won’t be getting around to the cd this week.. but probably by the end of january i’ll be sending something out. i’ve already started thinking of songs that are going to be on it.. and (of course) a DESIGN for the cd. (yes.. i understand that graphic designer-ism is a decease.. and i’m fully aware of how infected i am… thankyouverymuch)


7 Responses to “does this week feel like a whole string of mondays to anyone else?”

  1. cthulhu777 says:

    *Closes eyes and holds out hands*
    Music me baby!

  2. zodac says:

    well, i don’t know if i qualitfy, cuz we don’t really don’t hang out and stuff, but i am always in the market for new musik. if i qualify, i would love some trat tunes! 🙂

  3. vaudesar says:

    i would rove a cd from you trats!

    ALSO, what a nice surprise on the money. i’m going to have to find me some bonds now.


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