anyone else want a cd?

January 19th, 2007

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so far i’ve got kristen, matt, and my mom on the list. anyone else want a mix cd? anyone?

and also, i was looking through some of my blog archives from just a couple years ago.. and i saw that i took this online quiz thing.. and turned up ‘conservative’..

i took it again today, and this is my result:

a Liberal Christian
You scored 31 out of 45 on proximity to orthodoxy!
You are theologically orthodox but more socially liberal, at least in the ways that you imagine Jesus would have been. You believe in spreading the gospel but not in bashing other people to do it. Your beliefs are serious to you, but you probably have a pretty good sense of humor about them too. The Episcopal Church welcomes you!

Jesus loves you! (But, you know, not in that way)

Link: The What Kind of Christian are You Test written by agape29

interesting how much God can change/form a person in just a short time eh?

oh. and i also re-found this webpage: the biblical curse generator. go. have fun generating curses. -)

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  1. melx110283 says:

    mix cd? is this a metafour mix cd? I’ll take one!

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