yay! snow!

January 21st, 2007

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this morning i woke up to the most beautiful covering of snow i’ve seen in a while! and it’s PERFECT packing snow! man. i miss the days of snow forts and snowball fights -P i think i might have to make a snowman in my front yard just for old-times sake -P


yesterday was a day full of surprises and travels. it was super fun. michele had a martial arts seminar in berlin, wi. (#1 on the map). my friend nick invited us to his wedding that day as well.. and since that was in kiel, wi (#3 on the map), we figured we would drive together, and just bum around the central-ish area of wisconsin for our saturday. when i looked at google maps where berlin and kiel were, i noticed how close i was to coloma, wi (#2)… so since michele’s seminar was 4 hours… i took that time to drive to coloma and surprise my parents, who were up at the hotel working on stuff. i got the chance to take pictures of the newly-finished pub/bar, and a nice back deck that was added. i also finally got to try out this “new” coffee shop in coloma that my parents were always talking about. and to my surprise.. they had all alterra coffee, fair trade chocolate, organic foods and beverages, etc. i never would have thought that a trendy-ish coffee shop like that would actually “work” in a central wisconsin town with less than 600 people in it. -)

anyways. after showing my parents how to download songs from the itunes music store, i headed back to berlin to pick up michele.. and i was reminded how thankful i am that i live in a place where we have freeways that have more than TWO lanes! arrgg! those country roads were frustrating me to no end… especially when we had a whole parade of cars behind someone going REALLY slow! grrr.

but then we went to kiel and attended the wedding reception of nick and julia.. it was super fun and we chatted with more nerds (computer nerds, martial arts nerds, etc.) after the dinner.

and today was a lazy day. the snow is so beautiful. but now i have to go move my drums over to michele’s so we will be ready for our jazz quartet rehearsal -)

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