cold as ice

January 30th, 2007

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that’s a great description of my fingers right now. cold as ice. *brr*

i suppose the combination of my habit of eating ice… and the fact that the ‘garage door’ at my office was opened a couple times today… is probably a good reason why i’m sooo cold right now.

i guess it also doesn’t help that i haven’t been feeling exactly 100% lately. some sort of a) cold or b) bug that is going around is just not leaving me alone. it’s nothing that really prevents me from doing stuff… just prevents me from having a whole lot of energy while doing so.

last night i had a worship team rehearsal/brainstorming time at divine word. it’s times like that when i realize how much i miss playing the drums in a worship setting. i’m excited to start something up… and also excited that i won’t have to keep dragging my drums back and forth.. since there’s a drum set there that i tuned up a bit last night. i’ll make sure to keep everyone updated on when we’ll be playing at church.

ok. that’s really all i got. i gotta go blow my nose again. see ya

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