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i had forgotten how much i liked animal crackers

January 15th, 2007

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i’m just finishing up my lunch.. and an overpriced bag of animal crackers… and it was good

hey.. is anyone looking for any of the following: a martin backpacker guitar, dragon naturally speaking 7 (computer software) or akitten? (sorry.. this only applies to milwaukee people. there will be no shipping cats here.)

this weekend was fun. i’m one step closer to a new design for -) oh.. and i made posters about our upcoming gig:

ok. my lunch break is almost over.

i can’t feel my legs.

January 14th, 2007

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ok. so i can feel my legs. however.. most of what i feel is pain and stiffness. -)

so i mentioned i started kickboxing right? well i had a kickboxing class this morning.. and i got to use my new ‘gear’ for the first time. that was kinda fun. oh.. and other fun things… i won a $40 gift certificate to the chancery at our office party on friday…. so we went to dinner there. that was super good.

alright. i just got distracted for the last hour. i’m going to go take a shower now.


January 12th, 2007

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last night, i took pictures at a kickboxing class at alive & kickin… and ended up taking 1,337 pictures. all you g33ks out there will find that funny. -) (and no.. i didn’t upload them all… but you can find all the pics here.)

and in other news.. the office is being transformed into ‘party central’ for our holiday party. i’ll be taking pictures. (surprise! -P )

anyways.. milwaukee folks… put saturday, january 27th on your calendar. that’s the next metafour gig. 9-midnight. mosaic piano bar (east side of milwaukee), no cover. be there. it will be fun. -)

that’s all for now.

have you ever noticed…

January 11th, 2007

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how ugly unitied states money is?

and i have one of those new nickels and on the back it says

“Ocean in View! O! The joy!”

since when did the letter “o” become it’s own sentence? and why must all our money have dead men on it? other countries have other important people, female, male, president, king, queen, singer, actress, explorer, etc. all those cultures haven’t fallen into the ocean because of their changing, colorful currency. why must we hold so strongly to the old “greenback”

sorry. that’s my random thought for today.

this just heard…

January 10th, 2007

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“women who love women have more fun”

hehe. too funny.

anyways. hi everyone. i thought i’d start off this evening’s blog with a quote. speaking of funny things i have heard… my building manager just left… but she was talking about how she did the myers-brings test for her cats

*shakes head*

in case you haven’t noticed… my life is anything but boring. -P

and have i mentioned that i started taking kickboxing classes? yea. well.. i have. and they have been kicking my butt. i’m still sore from my class on monday.

i really don’t have much to say… so i’m gonna go work on a poster for our next metafour jazz gig. speaking of metafour.. i think i’m gonna redesign that website soon. i’m inspired now that i’ve got a new design up here on -) w00t.


January 9th, 2007

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kenote in less than 24 hours!

January 8th, 2007

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ok. i realize that i don’t need to remind people about my nerdyness… BUT i just have to post about how extremely excited i am for steve’s keynote at macworld tomorrow! i even made an event in my work calendar to remind me to tune in to see what will be announced. -)


update: you can see a list of places that will be covering the keynote here. -)

life is good

January 8th, 2007

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gosh.. it’s been so long since i’ve blogged a real update on my life.. i’ve almost forgot how to do so. -P

but life is good. i’m happy. i love that feeling of being loved… enjoying the moment (every moment. pun intended)… etc.

this weekend was fun. it was filled with hours of “sit on my butt and work on my webpage” … with some moments of fun sprinkled in there. -) but really.. i do feel much better now that i have a fresh new design on here. and i also noticed something about my website designs… especially my designs here on my blog. they have matched my apartment walls. -P i guess that’s just further proof that my work is really influenced by my surroundings. i always try to have my “work” fit the feeling/atmosphere of it’s “subject”… and my websites are a prime example of that. my homepage feels like my home. -) now maybe i’ll update my blog a little more eh?

but outside of my ‘digital’ world… lots of things have been going on. work has been great. i haven’t been too busy.. which is a nice change from my last job. i don’t feel overwhelmed and mentally exhausted when i get home… so i can still do my freelance work without too much struggle. i like that. -)

friday me and michele went to lunch at my friend’s restaurant, antigua. (which.. btw, if you are in milwaukee, you HAVE to go there. it really is an awesome place with awesome food.) and after work, we headed out for some live jazz. my drum teacher, kim zick, was playing… so i got some extra lessons in there -P
w00t! jazz!

saturday, after a long day of me sitting on my butt working on my webpage.. we went out for drinks and just a little dancing.
at m'onas

at m'onas
saturday night was filled with fun. i even ran into a friend that i hadn’t seen in a while… and got to hear about some awesome news first hand! -) it just makes me so happy when i see friends in love… true love. -D

then this morning we went to divine word lutheran… gosh i love that place. i’m excited to get ‘plugged in’ to that community. everyone has such a true heart… which unfortunately is so rare now-a-days.

then we went to brunch/lunch at heinemann’s
breakfast of champions...



and that pretty much brings us up to right now. i was going to start working on a re-design for but i think my head hurts too much to start a new project.

but life is good. end of story -)

just like that new car smell… but.. without the car

January 6th, 2007

for all you people reading my cross-posted entries, or reading my blog via RSS, you’ll have to actually come on over to to see the new design i just finished…

well.. finished is such a strong word. i’m still working on cleaning up things, and getting all the links working, all the design formatted, etc. i’m also pretty sure that older browsers are going to mess this page up pretty badly. (so if you are still using internet explorer 6 or earlier… maybe it’s time to get a real browser 🙂

but all that aside… i’ve been working on this design for… oh… around 16 hours now… (with an 8 hour break in the middle to go to work and design other people’s websites 😛 ) and i also took this opportunity to upgrade my wordpress and several of my plugins… so now hopefully i won’t be getting flooded with spam comments. i’m sure there will still be some ‘glitches’… so feel free to point those out to me.

other than that… hey.. remember that bird that was chillin’ out at my office? well, he finally got out into the ‘real world’ today. i’m wondering how long it will be before he realizes how cold it is outside in wisconsin in winter.. and fly back into our office building and continues to eat and poop all over 😛

oh, and happy new year everyone. i haven’t had the chance to blog since last year… but i have been posting pictures up here. 🙂

alright. i’m going to bed now. further ‘tweaking’ on the site will have to wait. 🙂

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