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come on… feel the noise….

February 25th, 2007

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in celebration for surviving the “doing my taxes” experience i had for several hours yesterday… i got a new toy…

(that would be a samsung 800W, 5 disk DVD player/surround sound theatre system)

and there’s a funny story about this new toy. at around noon-thirty, i decided it would be a good time to start my day… showered… and headed out to best buy around 2ish to take a look at some dvd/home theater systems.. since mine has been on it’s way out for the past couple years… and lately has gotten exponentially more annoying with all it’s “problems.” i ended up buying an open box version of the above model. i get it home… take it out of the box.. there’s no speaker cables… no antenna… and i need AAA batteries. *sigh* ok. trip to radio shack down the street. i spend a good chunk of time cutting wires, striping the ends, and taping them to the walls/floors so people don’t trip on them. plug in the system and play some stuff from my computer. it sounds pretty darn nice.

so now it’s sometime around 6pm.. and i decide… “hey.. lets just try a cd on this thing to see how much better that sounds”
disk error: no disk
.. uhh.. yes there is. *tries another cd*
no disk.
ARRRGG! *tries a dvd*
no disk
YES THERE IS! actually there’s THREE disks you dumb inanimate object!

*calls samsung*
“what’s the problem”
(i explain the problem and detailed steps in which i took to come to my conclusion of “it’s broken”)
“hmm. that’s weird. when did you get it?”
“about three hours ago”
“yea.. i’d take it back”
“oh. btw. are these supposed to come with speaker cables?”
“ok. thanks”

it’s now around 6:38pm. best buy is open until 7pm on sundays. i work full time, and wouldn’t be able to take it back to best buy till wednesday. that’s just not going to fly with me.

*tears down surround sound system in record time, puts everything in the box, RUNS to put the system in her car.. and white knuckles it to fox point*

*arrives at best buy at 6:58pm*

at this point i’m pretty much RUNNING with this 30-some-odd pound box… never mind the fact that it’s freezing rain and i’m the biggest clutz in the world.. i’m on a mission! -)

so basically i get a brand new one of the above model… and this time i can use this coupon that i had gotten in the mail.. so i get around $35 credit back to my credit card. w00t.

now i’m just sitting on my couch relaxing from setting up this surround sound system TWICE… but at least i have a working dvd player now. and that makes me happy.

(and now for something completely unrelated) nikkiana posted a link to this movie on youtube.. and it’s hilarious.. go watch.

that’s all. i’m gonna go use my new toy now. -)

the midwest is closed.. come back tomorrow

February 25th, 2007

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so.. has anyone heard anything about this little… snow/ice/rain/wind storm… but it came to visit last night. and where i’m sitting, looking out my window here in shorewood.. we actually didn’t get hit all that bad. i hear it’s worse for people not-so-close to the lake.

we (metafour jazz quartet) were supposed to drive down to evanston, il last night (well… me, michele and pati would be driving down there to meet up with john, who lives there….) but decided to play it safe and stay home. so last night turned out to be a ‘eat snacks and watch movie’ night. we watched the movie lady in the water… which one of her former students was involved with the costume/special effects of the movie. it wasn’t that bad of a movie. pretty cool message from the movie… with a sci-fi/fantacy overtone to the whole thing.

and today, it seems like the whole city is closed. which is probably an extreme exaggeration, but i really haven’t ventured outside of my nice warm apartment to disprove… so we’ll just keep it at that. a ton of churches canceled their services.. including ours.. so sleeping in became a priority to me -)

OH! and i just re-remembered/re-discovered an old online game that i was addicted to quite some time ago. it’s more of a puzzle game.. so if you get addicted to things like that, don’t say i didn’t warn ya! anyways…. this game is still in progress… the programmer/designer has been adding more levels as he has time… right now there’s 19 levels. last time that i visited this game there was only 10 or 11. anyways…. the game is called LOGAN’s mystery of time and space… go play. MOTAS is so fun!

ok. that’s all for now. i may venture outside and buy a new home theater/dvd player today. mine is now almost completely broken. (hopefully i’ll be able to trick it into working for just enough time to get hollywood video’s dvd out of it sometime today -) )

it’s warm outside

February 21st, 2007

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and i heard birds chirping this morning. last week my car was frozen.

wisconsin weather is weird.

small town-ish

February 20th, 2007

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milwaukee is a funny city. within the ‘greater milwaukee’ area (suburbs included) there’s around one and a half million people here in milwaukee. yet it feels like a small town the more and more i live here.

example 1: today, i decide, i’m gonna go to noodles & company for lunch. i order my food ‘to go’… i’m standing around reading the latest MKE… and i hear.. “tracy?” sure enough. i run into two friends, kristin and meghan on their lunch break.

example 2: yesterday, on my day off… i celebrated my ‘president’s day’ by doing laundry and running errands. i’m at wall-mart to pick up a gym bag, and i run into my friend cheryl that i hadn’t seen in forever.

and lastly… these above examples are not rare at all… things like this happen at least once or twice a week. it’s kinda scary. -) but all a reason why i love this little “big” town of milwaukee -)

random subject change: so all you people who wanted a mix cd and gave me your address.. they are on their way. -)

random fact of the day: it’s cheaper to send two cds to south africa than sending the same two cds to danmark. (by a whopping $0.20 -) )

random randomness:

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hi, my name is tracy…

February 18th, 2007

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and i’m a youtube addict.

but seriously.. i know i can’t be alone. why do we need tv anymore? between youtube, myspace video and google video… you can find pretty much anything you would ever want on the internet. i even found a whole episode of ‘ellen’.. which i think everyone needs to watch. (it’s broken up into three parts: one, two and three) it really shows how much discrimination is still in the world.. but puts it in a funny way to think about. -) so go watch that.. i’m gonna go make some pizza. *waves*

happy february 14th

February 14th, 2007

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  • state birthday, oregon (1859)
  • “voting machines approval for use in federal elections” day. (1899 )
  • state birthday, arizona (1912)
  • birthday to thee United States Department of Commerce and Labor (1903)
  • first-day of the Polish-Soviet War (1919)
  • opening day of the 1980 Winter Olympic Games – XIII, in Lake Placid, New York.
  • valentine’s day


ok. so i was bored…

February 8th, 2007

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and i created my own quiz….

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a confession

February 8th, 2007

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i sometimes.. get… well.. lazy.. while brushing my teeth.. and i move my head instead of moving my arm. i mean… is that weird? doesn’t anyone else do that too?


February 7th, 2007

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me = headache, fever-y, runny-nose-y, sore throat-y and OOOH SO tired.
my personal diagnosis = i should buy a puppy i’m sick.

ps. all old-skool nintendo players… read this

i probably shouldn’t be operating heavy machinery today…

February 6th, 2007

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my depth perception is WAAAY off today. i was drinking a shake this morning before work.. and hit the edge of the cup with my teeth not just once.. but THREE times in a row. then i was putting it in the sink.. and hit it against the side of the sink. i was pouring soda into a glass of ice here at work.. and dumped the soda ALL over my desk. i just was putting my headphones in my ears and punched myself in the face. AND IT’S NOT EVEN 10 AM.

i give up. i should remain seated to avoid hurting myself.