it’s raining here in virginia.

March 16th, 2007

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and according to its supposed to snow a little back home in milwaukee.

i’ll take the rain. -)

so i got in yesterday… and wearing my sweatshirt (which was definitely required attire when in wisconsin/illinois) suddenly became WAAAAY to warm to be wearing here in norfolk, va. that’s one thing that i always expect.. but rarely am prepared for while traveling. it’s pretty cool that i can be in the same country.. yet in a completely different weather ’situation.’ .. within a matter of hours. -)

but the trip was kind uneventful. a little bumpy.. but pretty normal. one of the girls on the back of the plane (where i was sitting as well) was flying for the first time. and our flight attendants were super friendly and joking around with us in the back. -) the more eventful part of my trip was in the chicago airport. see.. recently i discovered a product called vitamin water. so i thought.. since i’m getting up so early.. taking the bus down to chicago.. and then flying out of there around 9:20am… i should have some good stuff to drink to keep me from getting so jet-lagged. so i brought a bottle of vitamin water on the bus. i took about three drinks from this bottle.. and had it on my carry on… not realizing that you can’t bring any liquids past security. so they took it and THREW it away. (not even bothering to recycle the plastic bottle.. which made me mad!) ok. so i’m out of $1.50. no biggie. i walk through the airport to terminal C.. and actually carry all my stuff up the stairs. (thinking.. hey.. it’s two flights of stairs.. that’s good exercise) so i’m kinda tired when i get up at the top.. wishing i had my vitamin water. -) i stop at the first kiosk … and this friendly little indian woman helps me out…. and sells me a bottle of vitamin water (just like i had only 5 minutes before)… for $3.75. *sigh* .. well.. i suppose i have no other choice. i thank her.. and move on. then before i get on the plane.. i’m thinking.. “well.. i should probably get something to eat.” and i walked past mcDonalds… and felt sick just walking PAST the grease… i stop at another little kiosk near my gate… cuz i see a chicken caesar salad that looks pretty good. i get up to the checkout.. “that’ll be $9.25″ ack! nine freakin’ dollars for a salad? man.. this better be one GOOD salad. and let me tell you.. i’m going to finish every. last. bite.

so moral of the story.. i think we need more ‘dry/powder’ foods so we can take them through security and eat them in the airport to make the monopoly of airport dining realize that up-charging 300-500% IS NOT OK.

ok. that’s really all i have to say about that. the saying should be changed from “it’s highway robbery” to “it’s airport kiosk robbery” .. but i suppose that doesn’t roll off the tonge as nicely.

well whatever. i’m here. and it’s a nice lazy, stay-in-and-watch-movies, type day. and i like those. -)

happy friday everyone!

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3 Responses to “it’s raining here in virginia.”

  1. zodac says:

    happy friday trat πŸ™‚

    btw, vitamin water is the shiz. i love the stuff. i think its the only thing keeping me healthy at present, considering the rest of my dietary habits.

    • tapps says:

      yea.. and not only do they make a great product… but i’m excited about the package design and the website. both a crucial part of my ‘buying experience’ πŸ™‚

  2. tree25 says:

    sucky about the vitamin water. but i get the same reaction when walking past mcdonald’s….one time, i tried to force myself to go through the drive-thru and buy myself some “comfort food,” and i COULD. NOT. DO. EET. i had to drive away, i felt too ashamed and guilty and disgusted.

    maybe kind of an emotional reaction to food.

    but hey, you understand…right?

    glad to hear you’re having a good time, holla when you get the chance πŸ˜€

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