Chilly Goodness!

March 30th, 2007

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Hello there, lovely people! This is Pandora, coming to you from Pandora’s Box! Tracy popped into my blog for FFAF, so I had to return the favor!

So, here’s what I’m thinking. It’s an absolutely gorgeous day over in Pandora land. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and it’s just perfect to be outside in jeans with a light jacket. How I adore this kind of weather! It makes me want an egg salad sandwich and a cup of hot chocolate. (=

I sometimes don’t know what to write when I visit other people’s blogs. Tracy gave some great suggestions, though. I have to say I am passionate about writing. I love to write and I wish I would do it more. I’ve been told I’m actually rather *good* at it, so – I need to do it some more. (; I am going to go back to NaNoWriMo novel very soon and get some more of it done. I feel awlful I didn’t finish the 50000 words this past November. I’m also passionate about old school NES video games. (If you’ve been to my blog, that’s no shock. XD ) The Legend of Zelda is my absolute FAVORITE of all time. BEAUTIFUL.

Anyway! You can visit me at the Box and tell me your life story too! XD

Thanks for having me, Tracy! (=


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