hey look.. it’s friday. but not just friday.. it’s a FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY!

March 30th, 2007

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it’s been SO long since i’ve participated in a free for all friday (FFAF) … so i’ll refresh everyone’s memory.

this is the day when YOU post on my blog (everymoment.org.. for those of you who are reading my cross posted entries on lj, xanga or myspace).

instructions are as follows:

1) if you have a login name and password for em.org, log-in with that information. if you don’t remember it, there’s a way to retrieve/change your password on that page. once you are logged in… click on “write” and write an entry.

or 2) if you don’t have a login name here on everymoment.org, i have set up a ‘guest’ user for today only. go log-in with:
username: guest
pass: ffafriday
then click on “write” and write a journal entry.

as for a topic to write about… it doesn’t matter. if you are really stumped and need a suggestion.. take one of these ideas:
a) update everyone on a strange/interesting/crazy/shocking/(etc.) current event in your “home town”
b) what are you passionate about?
c) go to wikipedia and type in your name or birthday and share some of the results you get.
d) music or bands that you think we should know about.

alright… everyone understand? good. now i expect lots of people to post entries. ready. set. GO!


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