let there be MUSIC!

April 13th, 2007

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in my cubicle!

these were delivered to me at work today:

(yes.. the remote hovers in the air like that. cool eh? -P )

so now i don’t have to wear headphones while i listen to my ipod at work. and when i was wearing my headphones i couldn’t hear my phone.. or would be surprised by co-workers who came to tell me something/ask a question… so i would have to listen to only one headphone.. and it was a little uncomfortable to do that. and i found these little speakers at overstock.com for pretty cheap. and they go nice and quiet.. so it’s perfect for my little desk area!

tracy = happy. -)

ps. happy friday the 13th

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  1. tapps says:

    yea. so far so good! /me likes šŸ™‚

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