a master souvenir

April 24th, 2007

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i was going to scan this in.. but i kept forgetting to do that.. so i just took a picture so i could share this.

master Chai

this was my ‘thank you’ present from master Chai. this was such an honor to just MEET this man.. let alone get a personalized souvenir from him! seriously.. read his bio and you’ll see what i mean. what an amazing and talented man! he explained in the seminar he was teaching “i’m not that fast anymore”… yet he would throw an undetermined amount of punches in less than a split second. (i tried to count once… but he was too fast for my eye to catch)

anyways… i just wanted to share that. i haven’t been feeling all that great health-wise.. so i’m going to get to bed and try to get some extra sleep.

oh yea… here are some pictures from last weekend

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