wow. what a week!

May 3rd, 2007

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this has got to have been one of the craziest, strangest, and amazing weeks i’ve had in a loong time. lets see if i can sum this up in words. -)

i’ll start off on tuesday morning. on my way to work, i get rear ended in rush hour traffic. great. i was in a bit of a hurry, because i needed to get to work early, since i have to leave early to make sure i was home in time for my drum lesson that evening. then *BAM*. let’s just say, i wasn’t very happy at first. i had to let out a scream of frustration, and then i was ok. no major damage. no injury. just some MORE scrapes on my back bumper… and a little more “bent” brackets that hold the bumper to the car. no biggie. and plus, i still get to work early, so no complaints. it could have been a whole lot worse. but it wasn’t … thank GOD. tuesday at work goes pretty normal. a little sore.. but i couldn’t tell if i was sore from the accident, or from kickboxing on monday night. -) tuesday night i had a drum lesson at my apartment, and my drum teacher helps me tune up my new drum set. it sounds sooo nice.

then wednesday, another day to get to work early. no big occurrences in the morning.. i had a wonderful lunch with my mom at chili’s. work goes pretty normally. at work i always have my work email open, as well as my ‘home’ email address (using webmail). and i get this email update from let me back up a little bit first and explain why i became a member of so, have i mentioned on here that i was adopted as a baby? well it’s true. and i only found out about 6 or so years ago. it was no big deal. i’ve never felt like i ‘didn’t belong’ or ‘wasn’t wanted’ or anything like that. but i did find out in the past years that there was a way to find out medical history, ethnic background, and even find out identifying information about birthparents. i kept putting off applying for this info, but i figured at least my medical history might be nice to know, especially since i’m getting closer and closer to 30. so i finally applied for the packet around the end of last summer. well along with the packet that i got, i had my birth name, all my medical info, ethnic background, and my birthparent names and addresses. i figured that i owe it to my birth parents to at least say “hey.. i’m ok.” so i wrote a note with pictures, and sent it to the address for my b-mom. the package came back with “no such address” stamped along the front. so after some searching… came up saying “email this person here”… but i had to join in order to do so. and it turns out that they also have to be a paid member in order to GET those messages. so.. no such luck. i kinda gave up… for the time being. so that brings us to this week wednesday … and i get a “6 people have viewed your profile and… yadda yadda yadda”. fine. *click* and after a couple little clicks around the page.. i see that my b-mom, linda, had created a new profile.. on april 22, 2007! so that means the information is probably pretty accurate. huh. so i click around a little.. i try to send a message (not knowing that both the sender AND recipient need to be paid members.) but then click around some more.. and see she listed her job information. hmmmm.. she has a ‘director’ type position… hmmmm… her work probably has a website.. and would probably have some contact info of their ‘directors…

so i googled it. found the website. sure enough. email address and phone number.

so long story short still long… i email her. around 38 minutes later i get an email back. it starts with … “I have been dreaming of this day for your entire life…” wow. i’m glad i did decide to contact her. “You have two handsome brothers, and two beautiful sisters as well. I will call you later on this evening – I can’t speak right now – I’m so horse from crying with excitement and joy!”.

so after that event.. i had a little difficulty in concentrating on anything at work. my coworkers were just as excited as i was about this crazy ‘event’. -)

so yea.. then after work, we have our second ‘fitness boot camp’ at alive & kickin. and i found the ‘limit’ of my triceps. -) that was actually kinda humors to me… to have my arms just NOT move when i tried to make them move.. talk about funny! anyways. after a crazy-go-nuts workout… i hurry back home so i can have my phone plugged in, since my b-mom said she was going to call. we talked on the phone for over 3 hours. it was really surreal to hear her stories.. and hear all the similarities! and really.. how do you fit almost 28 years of time in a phone conversation? heh -)

then today, was the scheduled day for health assessments at work… and i wake up feeling the WORST cramps ever. so i’m in pain all day, and i have to do not only blood work and ‘vitals’… but also flexibility testing, body fat, strength and cardiovascular. well.. whatever. i take some ibuprofen and head on my way. on the way to work i’m listening to 88.9 -radio milwaukee and they announce they are giving two concert tickets to the first caller. *calls* “hey you’re the winner” “OH YAY!” (yes.. i seriously said “oh yay!” *shakes head* who AM i?) then i get to work… my back is now hurting more than i can stand.. so i’m laying on the floor any chance i can get. i get through all the testing and i was pretty proud of myself with the fitness aspect of the test. i scored in the ‘excellent’ or greater for the fitness aspect. that made me happy… since i have been improving on that ever since i started doing kickboxing and weight training. -)

so those ‘health assessments’ made pretty much everyone’s work day a very non-productive one…. but that’s ok. there really wasn’t much work to do today for some reason. at least for me and my department. also today i got pictures from my b-mom…. and that was awesome as well.

i never did make it to that concert. i could still head on down there.. but i JUST started feeling better within the past half an hour or so…

so that’s my last couple of days. if you read the whole thing… congratulations. you don’t win anything. sorry. -P

oh yea.. and tomorrow i’ll be taking off of work to go to my aunt mary’s funeral. funerals are so bittersweet. it’s always nice to gather with family.. and we all know that she’s in a better place.. but she will be missed. i always loved how she had such a passion for life.. and had so many stories… and she would tell everyone every single story if she could… even “visitors” to our family functions. it was her beautiful way of including them into our family right away. and i’ll miss her saying “you should save that wrapping paper… it’s still in good condition” every Christmas. -)

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  1. hiddensarah says:

    Wow…that’s way cool!!

  2. tree25 says:


    i was telling people about this all day….for what it’s worth, boss/coworker dano is TOTALLY STOKED for you. 😉

    sending lots of love your way 😀

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