new bag and a broken phone.

May 10th, 2007

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first i’ll start out with the broken phone. it’s not really *completely* broken.. only broken to the point of being annoying. -) the little plug on the bottom of my phone, where i plug it in to charge it… is… well.. picky. i have to position the cord a certain way (usually it takes a good couple minutes to play around with it to make the connectors… well.. connect…. so that it will charge) and then TAPE the cord that way. annoying? yes.

but today i got to work and i had a package at my desk! i wasn’t expecting this package so early, so it was a nice surprise. but i ordered a new messenger bag/laptop case. why did i order a new bag you ask? well let me show you….

(note where the arrow is pointing. no. that is not a feature or an ‘extra pocket’.. that would be the bag ripping apart at the seams… literally)

and here’s my new bag:

sorry those pictures are so bad. i only have my camera phone (yes.. the half broken phone i mentioned earlier) so here’s a better picture (from the tumi website) of my new bag…

now hopefully this bag will last longer than my old one.. since i got that old bag around a year ago. this new bag was a little more expensive… but it has a lifetime warranty, so that might help things.

yay for new stuff. but now my lunch break is over. *waves*

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