photo hunters: cooked

May 19th, 2007

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this week’s photo hunters theme is “cooked” or “cooking” … and since i don’t cook very much… i figured i would post one of the rare things that i have cooked. this is my attempt at a danish “kebab pizza”. it actually turned out pretty good for kinda “guessing” on how to make the kebab. (thanks to google, i found around 15 webpages, each with a different way to spice the meat ‘kebab-like’ -) i kinda guessed on which one would work the best.) anyways.. yes.. there is lettuce and ranch dressing on top of that pizza. when we first got to danmark… i thought this was weird and thought that it wouldn’t taste very good to have my “salad” on top of my pizza… but boy was i wrong! this is probably one of my favorite pizzas now! -)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    trat= tracey= me too!

    Hi.. this is weird cos i was google-ing ‘trat’ which is my nickname.. and my name is tracey too… hmmm probs not that amusing for you but I find this really cool hahaha

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