i found my ears

May 22nd, 2007

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battle wounded b-dadw00talterra ceiling
me and my b-dad
flying monkey

so other than meeting my birth dad today… i also saw a guy juggling while riding a tall unicycle on the bike path at the lake front. my life is pretty much complete. -P

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9 Responses to “i found my ears”

  1. electroblood says:

    is this the first time you’ve met with your birth dad?? well you definitely look like him. that’s really cute. I’m happy for you!

    • tapps says:

      yea. the first time. 🙂 the first thing i noticed was that i got his ears. he apologized for that 😛 it was adorable! 🙂

      • electroblood says:

        that’s so beautiful. how did you find him? was he happy to have met you?

        • tapps says:

          well.. after i found my birth mom (that’s a previous blog… now a couple weeks back)… she gave me his updated contact info… since all the info that i got in the packet from the courts was all out of date. 🙂 and he was really happy to meet up with me again. when i first saw him… he got a bit choked up. it was so adorable. he’s such a kind and gentle man. and not only that.. he’s a computer nerd. 🙂

  2. tiffythepunk says:

    how awesome! it makes me want to cry.

    • tapps says:

      awesome is right. a little surreal. i’ve always been amazed at people that “look alike”… since i’ve never experienced that my whole life… until now. 🙂

  3. vaudesar says:

    wow. 😀 how AWESOME. that’s so great, trat. you look so happy in these pictures and i must say, your dad’s a hottie but then, so are you…so this is all making sense!!!

  4. vaudesar says:

    i’m sorry if it was really weird that i just now called your dad a hottie.


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