fresh garden salad, with extras…

June 7th, 2007

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for lunch i went to cousin’s.. and got a garden “fresh” salad with chicken.

sounds normal.. right?

well when i brought it back to work.. and ate almost ALL of it… i look down and see a HUGE dead fly.

so after spitting out all the salad that i had just put in my mouth… i pack up everything and call cousin’s….

“hello, would you like to try one of our new garden fresh salads today”

“uhh.. that’s exactly why i’m calling… “

i end up driving back to cousin’s and then the workers ask me “do you want another salad?” *laughs* “no thanks… i’m just trying to keep the first one DOWN”

in other news…. this is coming….

tonight might just be a ‘party in the basement’… cept.. i don’t really have a basement. -)

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  1. buhdderkupp says:

    Chimney…I’ve gotta babysit tonight. Little kids already creep me out, and now a thunderstorm…no good.

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