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July 6th, 2007

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for those of you non-internet nerds… this post will be completely in a foreign language. -) even i didn’t know about twitter and pownce until fairly recently. but now i’ve become addicted to both. and if you scroll all the way down my blog (at, for all of you reading from my crosspostings elsewhere), you’ll see a cool little “twitter badge” at the bottom of my page. it’s like blogging for ADHD people. you’re limited to a short post, but you can post from pretty much anywhere. (you can download programs for your desktop, update from the web, or via email.. or even text message) and then they add the ’social networking’ part into things.. and you can keep track of as many other people’s ‘tweets’ via one of the aforementioned medias. pownce is a similar idea… but it’s like twitter on steroids.

someone noted how this “younger generation” always needs to be “plugged in”… and that’s really true.. at least for me. i’m excited now that i have my iphone, that i can check my email or post to my blog anywhere and everywhere… i guess it’s a pretty interesting phenomenon though. before people had to walk to where you were and talk to you… then we had horses bringing written mail to people who were far away… and trains… and this amazing little “box” where you could hear the person in the earpiece… and they could hear you if they had the same device… then those crazy little “telephones” got more popular… smaller… and lost the wires… oh yea.. and add the internet into this mix… and look where we are today. technology really does change how we communicate, learn and live. not good. not bad. just different.

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