$100 per seat?!

August 13th, 2007

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i’m sad right now. michele and i wanted SO desperately to see queen latifah’s upcoming jazz tour… and the presale started today at 10am. so i logged on RIGHT away…. selected two tickets… and *poof* $220. TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS FOR TWO TICKETS TO A CONCERT?! how can anyone get away with that? i don’t understand! how can the everyday “fan” afford to drop $100 on a concert ticket? and how long is a concert? usually around 2 hours. i’m sorry.. but if i’m paying someone over $50/hour they better change the oil in my car, align my front end tires, mow my lawn, water my plants, clean my house, cook for me, give me a massage, straighten my back, buy me three weeks of groceries, do my laundry (and fold it) AND entertain me.

and this is in a big auditorium… so lets put this in perspective. i’m sure there’s over a thousand seats in this place.. but lets just hypothetically say that there’s 1,000 seats. $100 per ticket. that’s $100,000. i’m a musician and i make an average of $35 for the same amount of work.

anyways. i guess the point i’m trying to make is that there’s something horribly wrong with this world when someone can charge $100 for a ticket to a single show. especially when most of this person’s fan base can’t afford that. (myself included)


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3 Responses to “$100 per seat?!”

  1. eh, I spent around $100 for one ticket for Roger Waters, with the understanding that I had seen his show once before and it was amazing, and also that he might never tour again, since he’s not a young man. so for me it was worth it, but there are very few people I’d spend that kind of money for.

  2. buhdderkupp says:

    Hannah Montana (the disney channel star my niece loves), is coming to Illinois in December…..tickets for that, the cheapest ticket…$145 for one (not including fees, at least at the one site I could find them at.)

    Concerts are nuts!

  3. rymo says:

    Mark my words.

    You’re gonna read the review of the concert, and in the photos from the show a Shiatsu chair, a washing machine, and a car lift will all be visible on stage. Then you’re gonna feel like a jerk.

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