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September 1st, 2007

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i realize that i’ve been “silent” on my blog lately.. and just posting pictures. some people would say that i was ignoring my blog. i actually see it as a different way of blogging. i tend to think using pictures and colors more than words… so i guess it’s very fitting for me to be blogging pictures of my life.

but since not everyone thinks the same way… i’ll still chime in with a text blog. -)

i’ve actually not been in the mood for sitting down to write lately. it almost seems as if this “anti-writing” mood is in direct relation to my “ultra-design/artsy inspired” times… and that my brain doesn’t have the energy to multi-task in “communication methods” or something. -) but either way… i’ve really been getting a lot done during my artsy-fartsy inspiration-spurt. i’ve come up with a couple tshirt designs… a website design… and hopefully this will continue this weekend and i’ll get a book cover designed and some other website stuff done too. i’ve also been having lots of fun re-installing all my programs on my new computer -) and right now.. i have my new laptop hooked up to my 30″ monitor and my surround sound stereo… and have been going crazy with my design stuff. -) i love it!

and while i design.. i always listen to music. and i just have to express my re-found love for melissa etheridge’s music. and especially this song (and the video is AWESOME. you must watch.) i love it so much i bought the video off of itunes today. anyways.. watch this.. it will make you happy. trust me -)

on that note.. i’m going to go to bed. (or maybe i’ll watch the video again.. and then go to bed. -) )

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