dear apple, inc.

October 19th, 2007

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first off, thanks for all your great products. i seem to have this obsession with collecting them. -)

secondly, thanks for having discussion boards on your support website. otherwise i would have not realized that the 1.1.1 software update for my iphone was from a “bad batch” and was causing my phone to 1) overheat and 2) have an exponentially worse battery life than before.

third. please, please, PLEASE have future releases of the iphone software support:

  • caller/contact groups (like in address book), which can be set to a certain ringtone.
  • voice activated calling (my bluetooth headset is collecting dust)
  • allow my phone to learn my email address and stop DEactivating my “R” key when i try to type “thisroad” ( is not my email address please have my phone stop making me type that and then go back and correct it. thanks)
  • bluetooth file transfer
  • and please allow me to turn off that annoying “would you like to delete this video to conserve space” message after i watch any video on my iphone…



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