i had the sudden urge to light all the candles in my apartment

December 9th, 2007

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and so that’s what i did.

and it’s still really REALLY cold in my apartment. i’m wearing three pairs of socks and have two blankets on me, and i still can’t feel my toes. tomorrow i will definitely “shrink wrap” my windows with those plastic coverings -) heck.. i should just wrap my whole apartment in plastic… and put a fire pit in my room…

well anyways… i’m gonna go watch a movie in bed now.



2 Responses to “i had the sudden urge to light all the candles in my apartment”

  1. vaudesar says:

    *warm hugs*

    you should totally insulate with bubble wrap for the following reasons:

    1) it’s plastic so will serve the plastic idea of insulating though I’m not sure how well.
    2) it’s good for bouncing off of.
    3) bouncing helps generate heat.
    4) goodbye nights with nothing to do! (that is, until you need more bubbles.)

    • tapps says:

      funny you should talk about bubble wrap.. since i have two VERY GIGANTIC rolls of bubble wrap in my car (and when i mean gigantic.. just picture .. well.. bubble wrap roll taller than you… and too big to fit my arms around. 🙂 )

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