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September 30th, 2009

barcamp milwaukee four is coming up this weekend.

i’ll see you there. right?

free advice for the taking..

September 24th, 2009

since this idea was too long to fit in a tweet, i’m posting it as a blog. (novel idea, right?)

so we have all heard a lot about this great healthcare debate.. right? so what’s one more post to over-saturate the subject 🙂

but in all seriousness.. this is a huge issue in our country. the united states is the only developed country that has the issue of people going bankrupt because of medical expenses.. because we are the *only* developed country without universal health care. in 2001, half of all american bankruptcy filings were linked to medical issues (which brought the bankruptcy numbers up 2,300% more than it was just 20 years before). and this isn’t something that’s just effecting the unemployed.. or “those” people in urban areas…. or *enter some other term you use for people that you don’t think are in your close circle of friends here*…. there’s a rising number of suburban poverty and lack of care for our neighbors in the suburbs… even our friends and neighbors that are employed full time are loosing their health insurance. actually, 46 MILLION of our neighbors, friends, family and co-workers were without health insurance in 2007. 46 million. that’s 46,000,000 people. that’s the entire population of spain.

so yea.. we’ve probably heard all this before.. from politicians.. media.. etc. but i’m saying it again. something. must. be. done.

and i think some politicians have been doing a great job of making a strong case for this much needed health care reform. but we’re still getting absolute ridiculous rumors that are being made up and used to scare people. maybe we need to get more personal. sure, it’s easy to read over the numbers and reasons for reform if you think of the problem being for “those people”… and not “our ????????? ???? ????? ? ????? people”… our neighbors, friends, family and co-workers.

so here’s an idea: lets do some research. figure out the people who are so vocally refusing to listen to the health care reform issues… find out who in their life is really suffering because of the current health care system. friends.. family.. heck, even their hair dresser, dog groomer or babysitter. then bring that person with their family to the debate. then have the person opposing health care reform say to their friend’s face

why they don’t support helping them out with a universal health care option.

we need to make this personal

. because it is. ?????? ??????? ???? ????? we need to change things now. because OUR people’s lives depend on it.

*hops off her soap box*

bear with me…

September 20th, 2009

so i’m trying to set up a way to aggregate my social media content here on and boy this is much harder than it looks. i need to go through and clean out all my different cross posting settings.. in order to avoid that annoying double posting thing. so bear with me. while i’m testing out all these plugins and feed readers and cross posters and whatevers… my social media profiles might be more of a mess than usual. ????? ??????? ????? ??? ??????????? ???? ????? ???????

nap time

September 19th, 2009