I like this: Why Did I Come into This Room (ft. Ally Hills)

June 22nd, 2017

Why Did I Come into This Room (ft. Ally Hills)
AHHH! Help me figure out why I came into this room. Share this video to find anyone that might have an answer!!!
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I took a long, epic, grueling, harsh, brutal journey. So brutal that I was dressed in some sort of gear. I would say Military but I might get that wrong and make some people mad. Anyway, the journey was all in order to get into this room. Oh, and musician/comedian, Ally Hills, happened to be in that room, too. Once I passed through the threshold into that room… I completely forgot why I came into it.

No wait, like, seriously. Why did I come into this room? I knew exactly what I was doing a second ago. Then as soon as I got into the room… Nothing. Mind mush. Paralyzed in blank brain state.

Ok, I know I’m not alone. Has this happened to you? Many times throughout your life? I know, right?!?! Science calls it an “The Boundary Effect” or something. I say… It needed a song! And now it has a song!

Yep, this is the song to sing when you walk into a room and forget why you did. One more track added to the “Life the Musical” catalog where I write songs about things that happen in everyday life in order to give you something to sing when they occur… Turning your life into a musical!

Some possible reasons why I came into this room:
1) to charge my electric toothbrush
2) to blow up several balloons
3) bust open a bag of flour and make a flour angel
4) to cover myself in wrapping bows
5) to read up on Relativity
6) to knit with boxing gloves on
7) to DJ on a couch while in a full split drinking coffee
8) to try, with difficulty, to open a bag of doughnuts
9) to paint one of my boots blue
10) OMG wait someone needs comment a list of all the things I do in order. I would adore this.

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Music production/mixing/mastering: David Michael Frank

Why did I come into this room
Why did I come into this room
I totally came into this room with something to do
Why did I come into this room

I got up for reason
Not just here for nothing
Last room to this one
I’m sure needed something

Why did I come into this room
Why did I come into this room
I definitely came into this room with something to do (Ugh! Ah!)
Why did I come into this room

Now it’s just a guess
I’m standing here in stress
I had it here, yes
Then my brain just went meh

Ok it’s nothing. That’s right. Nothing
I didn’t actually come in here for anything
Why should I need a reason to go where I’m going
No. I wanna punch myself for not knowing

Why did I come into this room
Why did I come into this room
I’m sure came into this room with at least one thing to do
Why did I come into this room

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