I like this: Viola Smith on Drum Talk TV at 102 Years Young!

November 30th, 2018

Viola Smith on Drum Talk TV at 102 Years Young!
The drummer with the biggest heart, 102-year-young Viola Smith joins us on Drum Talk TV! In this interview, you’ll see a film of Viola from 1939 playing with Frances Carroll & The Coquettes; she talks about her 17-piece drum set, taking lessons from Billy Gladstone and owning one of his snares (He only made 40-50), spending time with Krupa, Bellson, Rich Webb, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and others.
She and Dan discuss how people use the phrase “Female Drummer,” she talks about how she became the lucky drummer of an all-girl band in 1925, and what city she has the most cherished memories of, after traveling the world.
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via YouTube https://youtu.be/TP4SKSaGuxs

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