I like this: ALIVE | Official Music Video | Anna Beatriz Feat. Aubrey Logan

October 3rd, 2019

ALIVE | Official Music Video | Anna Beatriz Feat. Aubrey Logan
Written and Performed by Anna Beatriz & Aubrey Logan
Background Vocals: Dennis Lamar & Aubrey Logan
Piano and Rhodes: Anna Beatriz
Acoustic Guitar & Cavaquinho: Ramón Staganaro
Bass: Guillermo Guzman
Percussion: Richie Garcia
Synth: Troy Welstad
Trombone: Aubrey Logan
Horn Section: Don Markese

Produced by Dale Becker & Dennis Lamar
Co-production by Guillermo Guzman
Mixed by Bernie Becker (at Becker Mastering)
Mastered by Dale Becker (at Becker Mastering)
– Mathieu & Ryann Fretchel
– Photo by JD Renes
– Makeup by T. Justine
– Video Directed by Mikkel Aranas & Katrina Amante
– Produced by Shyam Kannapurakkaran
– Director of photography – Michael Booth
– Additional photography – Shyam Kannapurakkaran, Sébastien Hameline
– Production Assistent/BTS: Zach San Juan
– Equipment: Radiant Images (Radiant Images team – Michael Mansouri, Jason Jackson, James Tucker Robinson, Omar Cruz, Mario Vargas, Kevin Kenney)
– Garance VR: Sébastien Hameline
– Additional lighting: Sole icon Productions
– Props: Vikram Ramakanth & Indira Mohandoss
– Choreography: Katrina Amante
– Stylist: Charissa Kiefer
– Make up: Janissa Martinez
– Executive Producer: Chris Fletcher
Stock Footage Provided By MOTION PLACES https://tapps.us/2ptxihk

Main Characters:
Female Dancer – Liz Aguila
Male Dancer- Kevin Huang
Driver – Tynae Miller

ALSO, many thanks to everyone who was involved in the last scene: Alan, Ana.B, Anna M., April, Aubrey, Brandon, Brittany, Dara, David, Denise, Emily, Jenny, Kevin, Laarni, Mila, Liz, MAry B., Mary S., Meghan, Melody, Nick, Omar, Perice, Phillip, Sean, Shakila, Sue, Tynae, Vanessa, Vinnie, Wendy, Nikki.

PR: Adarga Entertainment Group

Website: https://tapps.us/2o66bbP
Instagram: https://tapps.us/2oGJviw
Facebook: https://tapps.us/2oI1tBf
Spotify: https://tapps.us/2o5Oedp
Apple Music: https://tapps.us/2oGJxa8
via YouTube https://youtu.be/cq-2CY0kuL8

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