I like this: Fugue on ‘Donald Trump is a Wanker’

October 23rd, 2019

Fugue on ‘Donald Trump is a Wanker’
Fugue in four voices, based on the Seven Nation Army theme, to the words ‘Donald Trump is a Wanker’.

Score now available at https://tapps.us/2qw92vw for $10, and 50% of the proceed will go to organisations combatting the more odious policies of the Trump administration.

Massive thanks to the generous singers and instrumentalists who recorded my composition! Feel free to share widely…

And now an important message:
As satisfying as it is to poke fun at the Orange Monster, this video on its own probably won’t do the teeniest thing to reduce the devastation inflicted by the Trump administration. I therefore want to use this platform to suggest ways we can contribute to meaningful anti-Trump resistance. And not just specifically anti-Trump: he is, arguably, nothing more the worst manifestation of a wide culture of racist, classist, misogynistic, climate-destroying politicians, businessmen and others who have been clogging up the US (and elsewhere!) for far too long. I’m convinced that combatting this requires collective action: none of us are going to have much effect individually, but if we all pitch in together, we are much stronger than we realise. We owe it to our descendants!

If you can donate money, there are lots of options. These are just my suggestions: please comment with any others, or leave general thoughts below…

My personal vote is for the Citizen’s Climate Lobby: this is a US-based organisation that basically campaigns to get carbon pricing legislation introduced in the United States. Trump’s government’s attitude towards climate change might be the absolute most devastating part of his legacy to humanity, from a long-term global perspective, and the Citizen’s Climate Lobby are likely to be one of the most effective ways to combat his government on this issue. You can donate here: https://tapps.us/32HxYOO

If you are more interested in combatting e.g. racism (especially immigration policy), misogyny, or other cause areas, here is a very incomplete list of options. Some are focussed on specific government policies, others on more general societal problems which have been exacerbated by Trump.

KIND (Kids in Need of Defense), which provides legal defence for migrant children separated from their parents, who are otherwise made to represent themselves in immigration courts (!) https://tapps.us/2qvUFaz
RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Centre for Education and Legal Service), which helps reunite migrant families torn apart by Trump, by providing legal aid: https://tapps.us/31FQSnS
Cosecha, supporting undocumented immigrants: https://tapps.us/2oX3sCg
Black Lives Matter: https://tapps.us/363IylF
NIWRC (National Indigenous Women’s Resource Centre), which seeks to end violence against Indigenous women and children in the US, who are routinely overlooked by virtually everyone in political office: https://tapps.us/2qw92M2
Science for the People, who call for tech companies to stop selling their technology to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who are responsible for e.g. separating families at the US-Mexico border): https://tapps.us/32HxZlQ
RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), the US’s largest anti-sexual violence organisation, with a 24/7 hotline: https://tapps.us/33VHC0u
Southern Poverty Law Centre: https://tapps.us/2BDhfQS
Planned Parenthood: https://tapps.us/2JgbhtA
American Civil Liberties Union: https://tapps.us/2W4p9wc

If you can’t donate, but want to help in other ways: I don’t currently have US-focussed suggestions (please comment if you know of any!) However, it might be more worthwhile to combat our homegrown far-right movements. Go on demos. Support events to unseat prominent Tory politicians who are responsible for deadly attacks on the disabled, such as this: https://tapps.us/2qFEpEh Throw rotten vegetables at Boris Johnson, who has many horrifyingly similar traits to Trump. There are probably lots of other options – again, comment!!

And I guess I’d enjoy it if people like and share this video too 🙂
via YouTube https://youtu.be/RZxCAqCUgug

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