I like this: Don’t Make Me – MALINDA (ft. Thomas Sanders)

November 10th, 2019

Don’t Make Me – MALINDA (ft. Thomas Sanders)
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Conceived by MALINDA
Directed by Tony Wakim and MALINDA
Produced by Patty Cake Productions
Cinematography and editing by Layne Stein
Written by MALINDA, Hannah Tobias and Johnny Deltoro
Audio mixed by Johnny Deltoro
Fight choreography by Danny Cackley

Prince: Thomas Sanders
Cast: Valerie Torres-Rosario, Leo Anderson, Anna Ricks, Adam Paul
Grips: Pablo Lorenzo, Tim Kerr
PA: Adrienne Bertin
Location: The Howey Mansion

Massive thanks to Mary Hall Surface, Kevin Reese, Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, Orlando Shakespeare Theatre, Orlando Repertory Theatre, Matt at Bias Studios and all our amazing instrumentalists!

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Richard Aukema
Fredrik Boström
Will Cole
Whitney Dodson
Fr. Joe Fessenden
Mariah Fyock-Williams
Mimi Ginsburg
Marlo Delfin Gonzales
Pippa Hillebrand
Jonathan Isip
Rachele McKelly
Allex Molloy
Courtney-Ashley R.C
Kelsey Sanders
Ben Shaub
Chewy Shaw
Lyndsie Stearns
Mary Hall Surface
Kris Vasicek
Dylan Wakser
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