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will i dance on crippled legs?

May 23rd, 2003

Would I smile if I was broken? Would I dance on crippled feet?

Would I fall too far behind again, or run a race I know I can?t complete?

Would I give if I had nothing, and could I love the ugly me?

Would I try so hard to be so strong, when I know that all I am is weak,

All I am is weak . . .

Would I clench my fist, fall down and scream at all I cannot do?

Or dry my eyes and crawl back to my feet,

And stumble after you.

Would I grin in my embarrassment, and would I laugh when the joke is me?

Could I look you in the eyes still, when my crippled legs are all that I can see,

All that I can see . . .

So take my hands if they won?t give, and take my life so I can lift you.

Take my eyes if they?re on me, please take my heart and make it bleed.

Take all this up to a hill and crucify the king of will

Till all I have runs down my face and I?m a wretch who?s drowning in your grace.

(lyrics from’stumble after yo’, by all weather human)

so ‘m honestly feeling kinda broken. i feel as if ‘m on crippled legs. but then again, are’t we all? we can never measure up. we all fail at something. i feel very, unprepared. very inadequate. very weak. but will i focus on that? will my eyes only see my crippled legs? will i only focus on my shortcomings? or can i look beyond my weakness, and see how very strong and able God is. i fear that i will fail. but if i fix my eyes on Christ, instead of myself, i will continue pushing on in this race. (even if it means crawling…. stumbling… along)

i have a feeling that this recent’breakag’ in my life is making room for some great, awesome things for God to do at oneday… and next year as well.

time to pack. we are leaving for sherman, texas around 10pm tonight. time to push along. time to pick up and continue on this journey with Christ. time to realize that where my strength ends, Go’s begins. time to stop leaning on crutches i make for myself in this world. time to lean on the cross of Christ alone. see you all after memorial day. have a awesome and safe weekend. *hugz*

just a word about worship…

March 28th, 2003

God has really been teaching me a lot lately. a lot about journey. about trials. about growing. about hurting. about healing. and about just trusting Him in everything. but i just want to write a word or two about worship… and in particular… “leading” worship.

i don’t know how many people who read this have had the awesome opportunity to assist in “leading” worship. and i put “leading” in quotations, because i feel that no human can actually lead in worship. God leads. in talking to chris tomlin, he calls himself a ‘lead worshiper’ as opposed to ‘worship leader’. and i like that. it’s much more accurate of a title. but anyways.. i digress… (as usual).

being on the ‘worship team‘ has been such an awesome experience for me, for many reasons. the fellowship with other people who share in my passion for music and for praising God is just the tip of the iceberg! 😀 one thing that only people who have been in front during worship can tell you about, is the sight we see. it is so awesome. i can be playing SOOO badly. hitting on a wrong note.. speeding up the beat.. drop a stick… completely miss the drums. miss the cymbals.. hit myself in the head(don’t laugh… i’ve done it… MANY times. and yes… that does explain some things *grin*)… but then i’ll look out at the crowd.. and see people just worshiping God… it just makes me realize… it’s NOT about me. it’s NOT about how i play the drums. God can use me even when i do hit myself in the head. God asks us to make a joyful noise. (and trust me. i do that a LOT while driving in my car! *grin*) i wish everyone could see what i see when i’m on the worship team…. it puts things back into perspective for me… and just brings joy to my soul. (and this view of mine is a big reason why when people compliment me, i’ll tell them… “well.. thanks.. but i just hit things” :-P)

so anyways. that was on my heart to tell you all. thanks for listening (reading). and my God’s blessings fill your morning/day/evening/night. 😀

please pray

February 8th, 2003

i just got off the phone with julia. please pray for her and her family. they have a feeling that julia’s dad is on his very last days.

update: julia called again. her father went to see Jesus today. he went peacefully, with his family around him. continue praying!


November 18th, 2002

what a beautiful email i got today. i just have to share

Beautiful Person

If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.

If He had a wallet, your photo would be in it.

He sends you flowers every spring.

He sends you a sunrise every morning.

Whenever you want to talk, He listens.

He can live anywhere in the universe, but He chose… your heart.

Face it friend, He loves you!

God did’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun

without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the

tears, and light for the way.

yay for mp3s!

November 9th, 2002

hey everyone. just a quick post. i added another crazy movie to my movies page from our trip to george web’s thursday night after our crusade meeting. i also made mp3s of our worship team from that night… so if you want some more songs to play on your computer, go nuts 😀 (i am just amazed by how God helps us pull off worship every week. we never run through all the songs all the way… and this week we had a new singer, who did’t even get the chance to practice with us once. God definitely rocks i tell ya!) i think ‘m gonna take my video camera to crusade more often… i really like having these mp3s to listen to…. maybe ‘ll make a cd to play in pedro the car someday….. 🙂

ok. today is the “cornerhouse clean-o-ramma saturday”… so ‘m gonna get ready to clean till my fingers fall off. yay. 😐

God is good

October 22nd, 2002

i just need to post quick and say God rocks!

first off, shoutfest was super cool. we got to hang out and talk to the guys from salvador again, and to my surprise, they even remembered us. heh. talk about the coolest guys to hang out with! i just love their music that much more after seeing how down to earth and genuine about their faith they are. if you get a chance. go see salvador in concert… and dance like david did. 🙂

another band that i definitely recommend to see live is rock” roll worship circus. i had heard of them before, but now after seeing how devoted they are to touching the heart of God through worship, i have become a big fan. seeing these four on stage, giving all their energy to worship instead of performing is such an encouragement. go worship with them sometime, i’s an awesome experience.

and tonight we went to brady street to worship for our ABC (arts based church) service this week. it was so encouraging to see the people God brought to that corner to listen to the music… to talk to us… to have a cup of hot chocolate… to sing along. God always amazes me with the many <i'divine appointment' He arranges.

ok. someone tell me why am i still up? i got up early monday morning, after only a couple hours of sleep. now here it is 1:30am, and i am still so pumped from our worship on the street corner! 🙂 God rocks! have i said that lately? can i say it again? GOD ROCKS! 🙂

now. i should get to bed. i have to get up very soooooon. 😀 heh (soo much for the “quick” post *grin*)

a pen spillage….

September 27th, 2002

so today in class, i suddenly had the urge to write something. keep in mind that ‘m not a writer. i do’t think ‘ve ever been really good at writing, (i do’t think i ever gotten good grades in english either… *shrugs*) but years ago i liked to write poetry. i stopped for years. and then today, i wrote this…. kind of a start to a poem or a song. it may not be that good, but give me some feedback on these first 8 lines i jotted down….

i see people every day
looking at the ground they walk

keep your head up
Christ is the solid rock.

unmoving, unchanging
the beginning and the end

the absolute truth
my God, my savior and friend.

comfort in Go's arms

August 26th, 2002

Arms of Love

(words and music by Craig Musseau)

I sing a simple song of love

to my Savior, to my Jesus.

‘m grateful for the things yo’ve done,

my loving Savior, my precious Jesus.

My heart is glad

that yo’ve called me your own

Ther’s no place ‘d rather be

than in your arms of love,

in your arms of love,

Holding me still,

holding me near

in your arms of love.