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back to my old friend tadorg

July 12th, 2004

yes. i need to post an entry. why? cuz i have a lot on my mind.
why have’t i posted on since august? because i always posted entries on
why do’t i do that now? well was so rudely and abruptly deleted from under my feet.
sad day on my face.
man WAY down.

so her’s the deal. all my journal entries from the road (in the united states AND danmark) are all gone. all my’fall tou’ pictures are gone. and all my emails on… gone. and i ca’t just get back up, because all the original files i used to create thisroad.or’s layout are not on this computer. so thisroad is officially wiped clean. a completely blank canvas replaces hours, days and months of work, words, images and thoughts.

it kinda makes me sick when i think of all the things i lost. but a lesson to be learned in this experience, is that God does’t have server problems. we have these problems on earth. and they stink, yes. but God is still good. God is still perfect. and God is still in control. so while i have several hours of work ahead of me to start over again, i can still rejoice in the name of Jesus.

so now.. inspiration. i need some of that. hey God? wanna help me build a webpage?

things i learned today….

September 11th, 2002

  • zippers are really hot when right out of the dryer
  • the F#m guitar chord slices, dices and baby-sits your kids……
  • a 70 sheet, 1 subject spiral notebook is not big enough for notes from a class like philosophy 101
  • according to the ancient greek philosopher, pamemdes, nothing changes in the universe. things only appear to change, but it really does’t change. *blank look*
  • according to thales and other pre-soeratic greek philosophers, rocks have souls. *another blank look*
  • i hate philosophy
  • i ca’t even spell philosophy correctly!! (thanks spell check!)
  • doing laundry at 4am really stinks. (well… maybe it stinks all the time (specially when i’s dirty.. hehe)… but just go with me on this one)
  • moths can be as big as a golf ball. how do i know this? i saw a huge moth on my way downstairs just a minute ago. it freaked me out!
  • i AM a rockstar.
  • extra cheddar cheese goldfish are made from unbleached enriched wheat flour [flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate (vitamin b1), riboflavin (vitamin b2), folic acid], partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening (canola, soybean, cottonseed and/or sun-flower oils), cheddar cheese [(pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt enzymes), water, salt], salt.
  • extra cheddar cheese goldfish are still yummy
  • i still have a lot of work ahead of me, but God is good…. all the time…. everything will work out.
  • living on the edge

    August 19th, 2002

    what a day. 🙂

    i went to my cousi’s birthday party (h’s 21. i feel old. my “little” cousins are getting older… and MUCH taller than me.. ahh!) and had a chance to talk to family for a bit… and watch others get thrown in the pool with their clothes on. (heh) i also always seem to leave my family with lots of food! my roommates love me because of all the food i bring home for them. hehe

    anyway, the most important part of my day was later when i went to church at my friend am’s church. i really do like that church, and it was a good thing that i decided to go tonight (even though i lost track of time and ended up getting there late, and almost could’t find my other friends who were already in church).

    the sermon tonight was about “living on the edge.” it was really good for me to hear. the passage was about the “twin cities”, sodom and gomorrah, being destroyed. the’citie’ represented sin, and God telling lot to leave the city behind, and head far away to the mountains, represented Go’s calling us to leave behind the sinful life, and find true life, joy and freedom in His presence. lot did’t want to go too far from the city where he had made his <i'hom', so he bargained with God to flee to a smaller town just outside the cities. this is what we tend to do in our own lives …. we want to’live on the edg’ …. not leave our past completely behind us and move far away. why? fear, indecision, doubt? *shrugs*

    anyway, the sermon was really awesome, and the pastor even brought a dog into the church for his sermon. it was pretty funny to see the dog running around on a long leash… and jumping up on the pews etc. 🙂 (mind you, this is a HUGE church. i think this place can seat over 1,200 people) and the dog on the leash tied in perfectly with the sermon topic, which i found pretty cool. when living on the edge, we are just like the dog… always trying to tug on the leash to get further, but going back to the owner when we need something (like the treat of a piece of chicken that the dog so anxiously went back for.) and then running back to where our interests lie… in the world.

    anyway, before i make this post WAY too long for my own good, ‘m just gonna say that the lesson today was very good, and that our decisions to follow Christ should be all or nothing… not “living on the edge” between both choices…
    i choose Christ.