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a new thing to hit!

July 9th, 2003

yea, tha’s right, i traded in my old djembe, and got a really nice new one. wanna see it?
new djembe!  yay!

nice eh? and it sounds really good too. wanna hear it? click here.

now back to work 🙂

yay! shane and shane!

June 21st, 2003

‘m geeked! ‘m going to see shane barnard and shane everett in concert tonight. *dances* yay!

*rocks out*

February 25th, 2003

wow. what an awesome show! i’m STILL dancin!

pictures from the concert will hopefully be up soon! 😀

before i fall asleep on my keyboard…

February 21st, 2003

i just have to post the latest songs from campus crusade this week. so go here to listen and/or download some mp3s. 🙂

also, i had my first major speech for my ‘public speaking‘ class this week wednesday, and it was super fun. i did the speech on Christian music (would you expect anything different from me? *grin*) and let me tell you, man was it hard to keep that speech under five minutes!

any-who. before i fall asleep sitting here.. AGAIN. i’m off to bed.


November 20th, 2002!

forgot to tell you…

November 19th, 2002

yea. remember when i said that i had uploaded some mp3s from our campus crusade worship team? i just realized that i had’t told you that i uploaded another three songs from our meeting last week. ‘ll probably add more this thursday as well.. this is addicting! 😛 so anyways. go ahead and download all the music you can handle from here make sure to listen to “i cannot hide my love”…. i had never heard of the song before we played it… but it has become my new favorite worship song! 😀 (and again, note how awesome God is that we were able to play these two new songs, without having much good practice time together.. i got the chance to listen to “i cannot hide my love” THREE times before playing it… i listened to “i will bow” only ONCE before playing it…. so yea… God rocks.. i ca’t say that enough. He really <i'took ove'…. again. 🙂 )

anyways… enough slacking… off to do homework!