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lazy or nerdy?

June 18th, 2003

so yea, i am back at home. it was quite a long drive, but me and cari made it back to milwaukee safely, and without any’adventures</b' like we did on the way to colorado. 🙂

and yea, so i was too tired to sit in front of my computer, so what did i do? i unpacked my laptop, found some audio cords to output my lapto’s sounds to my stereo…. got a long cat-5 cord and hooked my laptop up to our network, and am now laying in bed, updating my webpage. (so would this fall in the’nerdy and needs a life</b' category? or the'absurdly lazy</b' column? *shrugs*)

oh and speaking of my laptop… go suggest some names for it. there are some good suggestions already…. so get creative 🙂

hmm.. i wonder if i posted on here about slamming my finger in the door about a week and a half ago? well.. i did. and it stunk. and it hurt ….LOTS. it luckily was’t broken, but it was pretty darn banged up, so i went to the doctor. why does this story pop up on my head right now? well basically i finally can put pressure on the finger, so i can finally type normally! yay!

ok, before this post gets any more random.. ‘m gonna go to bed! 😀 (i guess a whole day in the car does some crazy things to your brain eh? o wait… i guess i was’t completely normal before the car ride…. so ‘m guessi’ that i ca’t blame my weirdness on the car. o well.) nighty night!

tydfaritc day

April 27th, 2003

hmmm… it must be “take your dog for a ride in the car” day today. *shrugs* guess i missed that memo.

a giant danny head + a poster design + friends = an ubercool day

April 3rd, 2003

so here’s my exciting day so far.

i didn’t sleep well, and woke up insanely early this morning. (for me at least) i checked my email to find an email from andi miller (the midday dj for the fish radio station) asking me for a life-sized color printout of danny clayton’s head (the fm program manager for the fish, as well as a morning show dj). i love when andi asks me for help with projects… they are always the most interesting things. 😛 so after printing out a giant head, i drove it over to the fish studio.

oh, and speaking of computer projects, last night i designed a poster for the “city wide worship” event coming up (which will be sponsored by several campus ministries here at uwm, and a time to get together in unity, and worship God! yay!!). and after a couple hours, i came up with a poster design that i actually like. 🙂
city.wide.worship poster, click for full size
click for full size

so anyways, i’m super excited for the crusade meeting tonight. i was walking around putting up posters, putting handouts on tables, etc., and the coolest thing was i kept running into friends of mine! it was so awesome and just made my day even brighter! 😀 (HI REBECCA! *waves* :-)) and now, i just can’t wait till 6pm when everyone gets here. i think i’m gonna have to go downstairs and play the drums to get rid of some of this energy!! *hugz* have an AWESOME day all!! 😀

no real post. just a dancing peep

March 31st, 2003

me and my computer are back at school now. but no other real news….. so here’s a random dancing peep. enjoy.

chex mix is good…

March 6th, 2003

yes. yes it is. i never realized how good chex mix is for breakfast *grin*

but anyway, enough of that. i have to share my joy. i got a really good grade on my first speech for my public speaking class.
speech eval sheet
my eval sheet. click for full size

and to further show my nerdyness, check out my movies page to actually see my speech. 🙂 it’s an informaitonal speech on Christian music. it was really hard to keep that sucker under five minutes!

oh, and also, i saw this on sarah’s webpage, and decided to try this here. fill in the blanks! leave them in the comments. 🙂

i ______ tracy.

tracy is _____.

tracy thinks a lot about _______.

when I think of _________, i think of tracy.

if i were alone in a room with tracy, i would _______.

i think tracy should ________.

tracy needs __________.

i want to ____________ tracy.

if i could describe tracy in a word: ________.

stererotypical wisconsin product

February 15th, 2003

ok. i just have to share something. i was at sentry the other night, and lay’s potato chips were on sale, three for five bucks. i couldn’t pass up this deal. and when i was strategically planning my purchase choice… i noticed one bag of “wisconsin cheddar” chips…. with your stereotypical “cheesehead” picture on the front.
i just want to publicly state, that i do NOT own one of those corny cheese wedge hats… nor will i ever purchase such a head adornment. don’t get me wrong, i absolutely LOVE wisconsin cheese. but i do not feel it necessary to adorn my head with a foam rubber replica of the food. i actually know very few people who own such a hideous hat.

but anyways.. enough of my rambling. 😛

muliti-tasking queen

February 11th, 2003

here is what my computer screen looks like….
nerdy eh?
(nerdy muliti-tasking at it’s best… click for full size)

yep, that’s a screen shot of 18 IM windows, 17 ie windows, and a total of 10 programs running. (which is nothing for me… but some people seem baffled by that *shrugs*) and not only that, i have at least 20 empty ‘ice mountain‘ water bottles sitting on top of my scanner. what’s worse than having 20 empty bottles of water sitting here? how bout the fact that these are from this weekend. JUST the weekend.

oh yea. and pass the word along… feb 16 will be a special day.
world scarf day
so remember to honor world scarf day, and wear your favorite scarf on feb 16th, and take a picture of yourself doing so. 🙂

welp. i would write more, but i need to hit the hay. i have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning that i’m not looking forward to getting up for.

random trip to chi-town

February 2nd, 2003

in the words of julia “we crack me up” 🙂

j-sharp and t-dawg

smell that paint…

January 20th, 2003

uhhh…. it’s almost 5 am. one of my roommates is painting our living room.

that’s all.
good night

howdy stranger….

January 10th, 2003

welcome to <i'tracy did a really bad job of updating her pag’ *grin*

so a quick recap of my last random week… friday i drove to mankato, kidnapped sarah, drove back to milwaukee, and we hung out around milwaukee, visiting friends, driving around, being random, etc. till wednesday, when i drove back to mankato, stayed overnight there, and then drove back to milwaukee the next day. needless to say, i have a whole bunch of pictures i have to upload soon…

*whew* nothing like putting over 2,000 miles on my car in a week i tell ya *grin*

and now i have much sleep to catch up on… so go and check out some new pictures on my photoblog, and keep the name suggestions comi’!