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stick a fork in me…

May 16th, 2003


hehehe. ok. sorry about the lame statement above… but ‘m geeked to be done with college. i took my one and only final… and ‘m done.

oh, i need a nickname for the paint ball trip that i won tickets to. leave a suggestion in the comments 🙂

i be gragipitated!

May 11th, 2003


yay!! 😀

what a ride…

May 7th, 2003

wow. i have some breathing time now. i do’t know what to do with myself! *grin* two of my classes are officially done with. the other two are sooooo close to being done. i graduate on sunday. i may wet myself ‘m so excited. (ok. i wo’t do that. *grin* but i AM really excited!)… but after toda’s extremely stressful day, ‘m gonna sleep REEEEALLY good! i realize that my stressful week may be nothing to some peopl’s lives, but ‘ll do a short recap. monday i spent over 7 and a half hours in the dark room developing negatives, processing, making prints, making more prints, and more… so basically the chemicals got to my brain and it made me even more loopy. but then i left there with a stinkin cold (which i kinda started getting in the morning, due to no sleep) … and headed to a very emotional last ABC service (which, just like at crusade, i cried.) they all prayed for me. i cried more. hugs were exchanged. i cried even more. man i love these people! then i went home and did hours of research for my three speeches.

then yesterday i spent more hours in the dark room… went to the fibers room and worked on my fibers project for a bit…. then went home to export my final version of my documentary. then to class to have our final screening of our documentaries, where my mom came and watched for a bit. went home… had an awesome worship team practice. worked on those speeches for a bit… fell asleep.

then today.. i woke up WAY too late… worked and finished my speeches… packed up my photos, my erinhead picture board (for one of my speeches), the 4×5 camera, the tripod, and my backpack, and walked as fast as i could to my photo class… in the rain. (‘m sure it was humorous to see me walking across campus with so much heavy stuff… and then trying to open the doors was probably even MORE funny) was late for my photo class… got out of the photo class LATE (ooh. that drove me NUTS. the critique ran long… but we had to stay… so i was late to my next class because of my teacher being crabby!) … ran across campus with the fifty million pounds of things i had… gave three speeches…. took a deep breath now that the worst of my finals stuff is over with… God somehow carried me through the though stress, yet again. a little more to go. but for now.. ‘m gonna SLEEP! 😀

artwork = fun

December 15th, 2002

so i did some more artwork tonight. i feel like sharing some of my latest pieces with you all… so here ya go 😀 (click on the thumbnails to see a really bad digital photograph of each piece… )

first day music ministry - Christ music ministry - Word music ministry - music
necklace series singers multiple figures untitled - paint

-o- if anyone is interested in explanations of these works… leave a comment or email me… ‘d be happy to shed some light on the meanings behind each piece/series.

a break from

December 13th, 2002

after our crusade meeting last night i invited everyone to a random party at my house. we had green pizza (cut in <b'creativ' ways *grin*), played pool, ping-pong, took pictures and just hung out. it was fun. her’s some pics

me and cari
(tray-dawg n c-low… in da house!)

dave and levi
(dave and levi – looking really happy to have their picture being taken.)

do't ask....
(glynn, mike and nick…. uhhh… yea…. *smile* *nod*)

nick and mike
(i do’t know.. i just do’t know. *grin*)

(glynn begging for forgiveness…. for accidently deleting all the pictures off my digital camera…)

so yea.. ther’s a couple more pictures from the party here….. but not many. . (see above picture for the reason why. *grin*)

*does the churning butter dance*

December 10th, 2002

guess who just applied for graduation in may?!?!?!? 😀

yay for homework day

October 19th, 2002

endless hours at the computer proves to be productive…. today at least.” – the headlining article in the <i'tracy app' life" newspaper…. 🙂

so wanna see what ‘ve been’creating</b'? sure ya do. her’s a “web version” of my life collage i did today for my body sense class. make sure to click on all the pictures to get a little bigger detail. (the actual files are much bigger… each picture is a full 8.5×11″ page graphic… at like 200 dpi… hehehe. my computer did’t crash once. yay for ma’s! *grin*)

also last week i did a drawing in class that i actually really like. surprisingly my teacher liked it too. so i have to share. i’s an 18×24″ drawing in pastel. the assignment was to take a “masters drawing” from her selection, and a still life that we created, and create an original piece using both. click the thumbnail for a larger picture (and sorry that the colors are all messed up. my digital camera</b's capture of the drawing does't do the colors justice… so yo’ll just have to come over to my house to see the original drawing *grin*)

pastel drawing

ooh yea…. shoutfest tomorrow! yay! 😀

i still have charcol on my hands

September 9th, 2002

i drew air in class today.

yep. air