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i’m an idiot

April 8th, 2015

i SWORE that i backed up all my posts before closing my hosting account.

i mean.. i was 100% positive i had done this.

but apparently i didn’t.


so the archives are a bit messed up (ok. a lot messed up) because i’ve been rebuilding the database with imports from crossposted entries on livejournal, xanga, even older entries from blogger, and random (very) old database backups that i’ve found. i’m still missing quite a few years… but i may be manually entering those from the wayback machine. (which would potentially take a very large amount of time and annoyance. so that’s gonna have to wait)

so there’s that. back up your databases kids.

hold on tight

September 29th, 2004 will soon have a MAJOR facelift.

prepare yourself…..

another new site..

September 23rd, 2004

yea… i’s sad.. (and nerdy) but i do have another webpage. i spent the day working on it… i’s not completely done yet… but go visit… please leave comments… join the boards (which will probably replace the boards here on… just so ya know) … and tell your friends. 🙂 have a great day everyone! ‘m going to bed

just so you know…

August 14th, 2003

i wo’t be posting to much anymore. i will concentrate more on keeping my travel journal,, up to date. so feel free to bookmark/link/tattoo it on your arm… whatever. 🙂

also, just a fyi, i added over 400 pictures today. so go ahead and check those out… ther’s two bonfires, a week in colorado, some pics from bemidji, cornerstone, a krispy kreme run, and a random time at jubliee school. 🙂 enjoy 😀

oh yea. go name my djembe 🙂

i's up and working…

August 12th, 2003

*ahem* my travel journal webpage is up and running. i think you should go visit it.



July 16th, 2003

so in case you have’t heard, the soulfire boards is having a “post-off” tomorrow. (basically where everyone wh’s available stays on and posts like crazy. i’s bound to be random, crazy and fun!) so come join us!! and tell your friends 😀

audio/visual queen wannabe

April 29th, 2003

ok. no pictures from spring retreat yet. but i did make a fun video, and uploaded it to my movies page. (yay video!) i also rearranged that page a bit, so now all the crusade videos are in i’s own category. (yay organization!) so take a look at the video from the metro milwaukee crusade spring retreat 🙂 (sorry i’s such a big file) i also uploaded mp3s from the worship on friday night. (yay worship!) so feel free to check them out as well. we were rockin out this weekend! it was awesome. 🙂 ‘m so glad that i ended up going (even if it was totally last minute). 🙂 but anyways. ‘m off to work on homework before my class. 😀 (yay procrastination!)

got pictures?

April 7th, 2003

i uploaded some pictures today. 🙂 are you happy about that? i know i am *grin*

tracy and aaron
(tracy and aaron rockin’ our crusade meeting on thursday)

tracy and aaron
(tracy and aaron rockin’ out on friday)

lisa, cari, nikki, amy, me
(lisa, cari, nikki leonti, amy, and me)

rachel and nikki
(nikki and her road manager)

check out my picture section for lots more fun pictures from the past couple days. 🙂

pictures and a project

March 29th, 2003

i added a couple things to my page today. first off, i’ll tell you about last night 😀

yesterday, me and amy drove to green bay to see joy williams in concert. we left around 3:30pm, and headed up to the thecup o’ joy coffeehouse. joy was performing two shows, one at 6:30 and one at 8:45. me and amy got to the first show after they opened the doors, so we were all the way in the back. but as soon as joy finished her last song, we went outside and were first in line for the next show. perfect timing i tell ya! we even had the chance to meet and get to know two people in line, who ended up sitting with us in the front row. now see, amy has had the opportunity to talk to joy, so joy knows her, but amy was convinced that joy would not recognize her (because ever since she started going to cosmetology school, her hair hasn’t been the same.. 🙂 and i mean that in a good way) well, despite the drastically different look, joy came on stage, recognized amy… gave her a huge smile, waved… and then proceeded to forget the lyrics to her song! *grin* (and that was WAY funny i tell ya!) so we rocked out to the second concert in the front row. i displayed my expertise in dancing, while joy tried to mimic my moves while on stage. (sorry to say… unsuccessfully mimicking my superior dancing “skillz” *grin* hahahaha.. riiight) and then we were the last people in line to talk to joy and get autographs and pics. i did that ‘butt shimmy’ thing across the stage after the concert to get the two set lists that were taped to the stage… gave one to amy.. and had the other one signed. 🙂

after hanging out at the cup for way too long, we headed home. i ended up getting home and to bed after 2am, but the night was a superb example of ‘extreme fun’ 😀

us and joy williams

the set list

and as always, i took many pictures, so check out all the joy williams pictures here

and also last night, me and amy came up with an idea for a new section on my webpage. it’s called “you know you’re a groupie when… so be sure to check that out, and submit your own ‘groupie‘ facts/tidbits/stories. 🙂

mulitimedia girl…

March 7th, 2003

i added three more movies today, and five more mp3s (from last night at crusade… including my singing debut. eek!). go check them out 😀