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i’m an idiot

April 8th, 2015

i SWORE that i backed up all my posts before closing my hosting account.

i mean.. i was 100% positive i had done this.

but apparently i didn’t.


so the archives are a bit messed up (ok. a lot messed up) because i’ve been rebuilding the database with imports from crossposted entries on livejournal, xanga, even older entries from blogger, and random (very) old database backups that i’ve found. i’m still missing quite a few years… but i may be manually entering those from the wayback machine. (which would potentially take a very large amount of time and annoyance. so that’s gonna have to wait)

so there’s that. back up your databases kids.

hey guys

September 26th, 2014

remember when i had a blog that i used?

i should do that again…


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bear with me…

September 20th, 2009

so i’m trying to set up a way to aggregate my social media content here on and boy this is much harder than it looks. i need to go through and clean out all my different cross posting settings.. in order to avoid that annoying double posting thing. so bear with me. while i’m testing out all these plugins and feed readers and cross posters and whatevers… my social media profiles might be more of a mess than usual. ????? ??????? ????? ??? ??????????? ???? ????? ???????

as a doornail.

June 28th, 2007

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yes. my phone is most certainly dead. here.. let me show you a picture:

so in other words.. if you are trying to call me… i can’t answer… and not because i don’t like you.. just because my phone has officially checked out as of tuesday. but after tomorrow, i’ll have my iPhone… so you can call me this weekend. -)

apple geek dilemma…

June 26th, 2007

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alright. i have a major dilemma on my hands here! the iphone comes out on friday at 6pm. i plan to get to work SUPER early so i can leave SUPER early and go stand/sit in line at the apple store.

but now i learn that there will be TWO apple stores by that time! apple store mayfair and the new bayshore apple store will be having it’s grand opening at the same time as the debut of the iphone!

so now here’s the dilemma: should i go to mayfair to get my iphone or to bayshore? mayfair is closer to work.. so i would get in line earlier. but if i go to bayshore.. i would have the chance of getting a free tshirt as well! AHHHHH!!!1 !! why must apple do this to me!?!?!

fresh garden salad, with extras…

June 7th, 2007

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for lunch i went to cousin’s.. and got a garden “fresh” salad with chicken.

sounds normal.. right?

well when i brought it back to work.. and ate almost ALL of it… i look down and see a HUGE dead fly.

so after spitting out all the salad that i had just put in my mouth… i pack up everything and call cousin’s….

“hello, would you like to try one of our new garden fresh salads today”

“uhh.. that’s exactly why i’m calling… “

i end up driving back to cousin’s and then the workers ask me “do you want another salad?” *laughs* “no thanks… i’m just trying to keep the first one DOWN”

in other news…. this is coming….

tonight might just be a ‘party in the basement’… cept.. i don’t really have a basement. -)

sad day on my face

November 17th, 2006

i temporarily forgot how old i was and had to check my age on my myspace profile.

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waiting our turn…

November 8th, 2006

i could post on how certain election results made me sick to my stomach.

i could echo the concerns and disgust of several other bloggers (but they’ve said things well enough the first time… so i’ll just encourage you to read their words directly.)

i could move to a place where “the people” push for progress instead of disaster.

i could continue to be sad / depressed / angry / mad about the well-being of our state.

but instead i will pray. i will pray for the thousands of people who are hurt by so-called “Christians” and their actions. when i first read about this amendment being a “political trick” to get conservative voters to the polls to help out the republican party… i couldn’t believe the absolute evil intentions of pushing people around. and i truly didn’t think that so many people would just *not* see this ploy. i don’t understand how politics can be so dirty, yet “we the people” still accept that and continue to buy into it. if i used these same ‘tactics’ for dealing with my friends… i would die a very lonely person. but whatever… that’s just how politics are here in this beautiful country of ours. and i really can’t complain.. because i really don’t have a solution to offer. *shrugs*

i am upset about the way my fellow wisconsinites voted. yes. but i must say that i’m overwhelmed with how good my friends are. i’ve gotten several messages asking how i was doing or expressing their concern about the results. and actually.. it was truly a “hug from God” when i was driving home from senator plale’s election party… right outside the uwm campus there was a group of students holding “vote no” signs and posters… yelling… chanting… etc. and one of them held a sign that said “honk if you voted NO.” i honked. they cheered. it made me smile.

my generation is starting to get fired up about the way this country is run… and being frustrated is only going to push us forward to change.

we just have a little bit longer way to go now.

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September 12th, 2006

anyone want to buy me an early Christmas present?

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March 14th, 2006

ok. so i’m gonna post quick while i’m waiting for photoshop to finish “applying shape blur”

the past couple of days have been very frustrating for me. sometimes i’m not even sure why i’m frustrated or down… like it’s the weather or something. but it’s not. i saw a robin on my front lawn today… the sun has been showing through the clouds lately… and it only just recently got cold again… *shrugs* what gives?

oh and since it has been such a long time since i posted… i have to share. last weekend i got to play on the worship team at elmbrook church. it was SO cool to play in ‘big church’… and such an honor to be playing with some of the most amazing musicians! i’m so thankful for God’s gift of music… i found myself just listening to my in-ear monitor… thinking.. “wow.. it’s better than a cd… and i’m on stage with these people. wow.”

then after that amazing highlight of sunday morning.. i went to work. yes. on sunday night. i had to get a lot of work done on the april newsletter for work. and what was more frustrating than being at work from 3-9:30pm on a sunday night? the fact that i still didn’t get everything done.

monday rolls around… and guess what.. still no finished newsletter. (now mind you.. it’s not all me.. it was just a combination of things) and then later, feeling let down.. yet again.

this morning rolls around. i wake up to an extremely cold room… so now my throat hurts. i eat some leftover chinese food for breakfast… and am excited to get to work early to finally finish this stinkin newsletter… and… where’s my keys? i *KNOW* i left them hanging up last night.. because my car was the last one in the driveway.. and i was parking everyone else in. so i know i left my keys hanging by the door. my car was moved.. so yes.. my keys were hanging up there this morning when someone moved my car to get their car out of the driveway… but.. where are my keys? i need to get to work!

so luckily sam (jenn’s boyfriend.. who lives in minnesota but is visiting for the week) was able to give me a ride to work. i feel so out of control with no keys for my car.. my apartment… or my work.

alright. photoshop is finally finished blurring that image i was working on. so i must get back to work on this thing. this will be a great stress out of my life once this gets sent to the printer.

i need a hug. i’ve needed a hug since sunday. *sigh* why do i go from so high emotionally… to such a low? i hate that part of me. that can’t be normal.

i’ll post again soon.. cuz i left out a lot of really great things that have happened in my life as of late. plus i have really awesome pictures from friday night up at wisconsin dells. 🙂

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