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vote no!

November 1st, 2006

even this journal sentinel author says to vote no

i sure hope wisconsin voters don’t push us backwards in time by voting for this amendment. i mean.. seriously.. if we legalize discrimination for one group of people.. where will it stop? will we continue to amend the constitution to legalize slavery next?

go ahead and read a very well written and smart blog entry about this very subject

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October 31st, 2006

happy reformation day everyone!

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October 24th, 2006

there’s something horribly, horribly RIGHT about this video.

“how we love others is how we love God.”

worth the headaches.

October 24th, 2006

i’ve been getting headaches lately.

i think i’ve been thinking and worrying too much lately. and i haven’t really pinpointed what exactly i am worried about…

i start my job tomorrow. i can’t wait. i think once i pay off all my recent ‘big’ purchases that will eliminate some of my headaches. also… lately i have felt really lazy and unmotivated. having a job to go to will help me from feeling so lazy.

i should also get my car checked out. i was rear-ended last night while at a stoplight. i was on my way home… turning right at a stoplight.. i had just started going (since the light turned green)… while taking a sip of my soda that i just got at the wendy’s on the corner… and *bam.* it sounded louder and more severe than it really was. it looks like my bumper did what it was supposed to do… and looks just the SLIGHTEST amount pushed in. the most major damage was to my “God is not mad at you, no matter what” bumper sticker… where most of the ink was rubbed off. ahh well. guess i’ll have to get another bumper sticker. no biggie. the guy didn’t have insurance. but he did pull over and was very apologetic. (which.. for the neighborhood that i was in… this was a big surprise to me) if he was a jerk and/or didn’t pull over… i would be super peeved. but i’m not.

now… for a completely different subject… since that’s just how my brain works…

i was driving home from lunch today… driving past a grade school on capitol… seeing the kids out on the swing set playing… with their big fuzzy winter coats surrounding them… making it almost impossible for them to move their limbs…. and i started reflecting on our growth throughout our lives.

we all know that we grow physically. does anyone know exactly how many percent we grow from when our hearts first start beating? i’ve been trying to wrap my brain around the math… from… what… an inch or two… to… 4, 5, 6 some odd feet? that’s a whole lot of growth.

and also our ‘world’ grows with us. well.. the world doesn’t grow… but our realization of the world is what grows and changes. to think of the little girl on the swing in that huge pink coat… her world was probably just big enough to fit her school… her house/family… and maybe a couple parks… the grocery store… etc. i remember when life was that simple. and my world consisted of all that i knew in my neighborhood… the bike path… my friends’ houses…. the bakery where i would get free cookies…. and extending to couple different states where we traveled to for vacations. everything was all right and good with the world. at least in my little world… it was. and that’s all that i could see… and that’s all that i knew… and that was ok.

now, while i have physically stopped growing… my world keeps growing. everything is NOT just “alright” in this world. and now that i see that… how can i not be moved to act? i remember reading a bumper sticker that said “if you aren’t outraged, then you haven’t been paying attention.” so true. if we aren’t moved to do something about all the injustice and wrong in the world… that means that our world has not grown to include those things. (either we are unaware, or we turn our heads and ignore those “parts” of the world because of our own fear and discomfort) using excuses like “well.. the problem is too big anyways.” or “i’m so far away…..” doesn’t cut it. i’ve used them both. they are just signs of laziness. i refuse to continue this self destructive path. i want to do something to change the world.

i’ve been reading a lot about some of the politics surrounding this upcoming election. if you’ve been reading my blog, you may have seen a couple posts about voting no on this marriage amendment thing. i must say i’m really passionate about this issue.. and the more and more i talk to people… the more and more i worry about our state’s well-being if this amendment passes. it would be our state taking a giant step backwards in time. if we make it legal to discriminate against a group of people… what will be next? is the next amendment going to be going back in time even more… and making it legal to have slaves? i mean.. yea… people think “yea.. right. that will never happen.” but i’ve been hearing HORROR stories from other states that have passed similar amendments… stories of people using the amendment to strip ‘domestic abuse’ rights from girls who ‘shack up’ with their boyfriend who now is beating them. i’m sorry. but if you use the law to defend an abusive boyfriend… i’m leaving that state! my goodness! or how ’bout states that have used the amendment to take benefits away from children of same-sex families? what did that child do to deserve that? what is the child going to do? get a full time job at the age of 12? seriously people! these horror stories are just making me mad. it almost makes me want to not read / listen to/ watch any of the news. but that would be like me “turning my head” in order to make my “world” all “good and right.”

that’s not what Jesus did…. and i follow Him.

so i’ll live with the headaches. it means that i’m paying attention.

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i love the shepherd express!

October 19th, 2006

everyone (especially everyone in wisconsin) needs to read this article from the shepherd express.

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27 days…

October 11th, 2006

A Fair Wisconsin Votes No

pass along the word. click the image above and see what you can do to help.

join with fellow Christians, Jews, republicans, democrats, students, teachers, laborers, businesses, lawyers, seniors and thousands of others in putting a stop to this ban!

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32 days…

October 6th, 2006

A Fair Wisconsin Votes No

just a reminder

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the most beautiful music i heard today…

June 12th, 2006


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i can hear it.

May 7th, 2006

we were so close… i could hear the heartbeat of God.



(and it just so happens to be that we had church at the bars. now THAT is what i’m talking about! 😀 )

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80,000 miles and counting

March 3rd, 2006

so life goes on as normal… and i never seem to have the energy or time to post about it on here. but i’m gonna take this time on my lunch break to finally post my latest thoughts.

a lot of great things have happened in the past week. i have a lot of pictures that i need to post on the web… i hope to get around to that this weekend sometime.

on tuesday night, we had a gig at the art bar here in milwaukee. oh my goodness.. that was an awesome show! i don’t know what it was.. but i just really got into all the songs… and i just had a blast. and it was a total pick-me-up.. since i started my night in a ‘low’ mood. i also had one (well.. two) of the best strawberry daiquiri’s ever.. in the coolest glasses ever. and since it was mardi gras, they had some special stuff.. including a cake with two jellybeans in it. whoever got the jellybeans.. were the king and queen of the night…. and they got to take home some fun prizes. well.. i found the first jellybean and so i was dubbed the king of mardi gras (or at least at the art bar). i got a really cool magnet… a bunch of beads… flowers and a mask. 🙂 we also were asked to come back to the art bar and play in april. and that is super exciting for me.. specially since i have seen some of the musicians they usually have at the art bar.. and they are all AMAZING! what an honor to be asked to come back and play again. i can’t wait!

then wednesday rolls around (way too early in my opinion.. especially since i didn’t get home from the art bar gig till after midnight.) and work goes as usual. then at night.. i gear up to play on the worship team for 20-something at elmbrook. i only had to bring in my djembe.. since we were doing a more ‘low key’/acoustic sort of worship set. after a little rehearsal/sound check before the service… dave bullock approaches me and comments on my drumming.. and asks if i am available to play on a sunday or two. i was just… wow…. i couldn’t even describe to you how honored i was to be asked that! first off.. for those of you who aren’t in the milwaukee area… elmbrook is the largest church in the milwaukee area. the parking lot reminds me of a shopping mall. i remember attending a rebecca st. james concert in the sanctuary… and thinking. “man.. i want to play the drums in front of this many people…”

and look what door God opened up for me.
even if it is just for one service. it’s a tremendous blessing!

and then comes impact. the message was awesome.. and the worship was even more awesome. a couple times i forgot that i was on stage. we played one of my all-time favorite worship songs… and it was amazing to feel God’s presence so strongly during that time. i don’t know why i’m surprised by that though… God LOVES to hear us praise him.. in whatever ways we can. so of course he’s gonna have a front row seat to hear… but .. wow.. just. wow.

so i leave impact… and on the freeway.. my car reaches another milestone… 80,000 miles. go pedro!

the next click of my own life odometer takes me to work on thursday. everything goes mostly “normal”… with a couple highlights. first off, i did some research on my lunch break to present options on replacing/upgrading the monitors for my work computer. right now i am sitting at a 1.25Ghz g4 tower with two 21” viewsonic CRT monitors attached. the one on the left has basically NO contrast quality.. is blurry… and the colors are very bright. the one on the right (the “good” one) is too dark … the colors are way off (i’ve done all the color correcting that i can.. i still can’t get it to match up to the printer… ANY printer! 🙂 ) … and the lower half has started flickering when i am working on it all day. w00t. so i did all the research.. and all my opinions were confirmed.. apple monitors are still the best.. most pricey.. but the best. so i print out spec sheet after spec sheet… jot down prices of all useable options and then-some…. and i present my findings. so the verdict? “go with the best.” 😀 so after work.. i run to the apple store and order TWO 23″ cinema displays! (btw. i just got an email saying that they shipped them today! *does the ‘i can’t wait’ dance*). and while i was there… one of the assistant managers starts telling me about the fire sale list. what’s a ‘fire sale’ you ask? well basically it’s when the apple store sells off all the display / discontinued / refreshed stuff at the end of the month. well… silly me… looks at the list… and ends up buying a computer. *shakes head* i really don’t know about myself. 😛 but the price was too good to pass up. so now i am the proud owner of a 17″ imac g5. (the model just before the intel chips)

i really need to stop going to the apple store. i always buy stuff! 😛

so yea. now it’s time for me to get back to work. may the odometer click on….

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