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let there be MUSIC!

April 13th, 2007

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in my cubicle!

these were delivered to me at work today:

(yes.. the remote hovers in the air like that. cool eh? -P )

so now i don’t have to wear headphones while i listen to my ipod at work. and when i was wearing my headphones i couldn’t hear my phone.. or would be surprised by co-workers who came to tell me something/ask a question… so i would have to listen to only one headphone.. and it was a little uncomfortable to do that. and i found these little speakers at for pretty cheap. and they go nice and quiet.. so it’s perfect for my little desk area!

tracy = happy. -)

ps. happy friday the 13th

open mic nights…

October 10th, 2006

have you ever been to an open mic / spoken word night?

well.. i have. i am at one now actually. in oshkosh.

i’ve been to spoken word nights in milwaukee / bay view.. but this one is different.

i feel really captivated with the audience that is here… where do i start? ok. so you know the really nerdy artsy types? usually creative writing majors or music majors? the types of people who wear a santa hat all fall/winter .. and have for the last 10 years of their lives? the people with a button up shirt underneath a ‘clever’ tshirt, (both shirts the same color, mind you) color sticking out over the top… who cross their legs, with a spiral notebook on their lap.. pen in hand.. looking intellectually at the pen… like as if they are trying to listen to what the ink inside the pen wants to do today? the people who must still tease their hair (hey.. remember that?) to look somewhat like einstein? or how ’bout the super “emo” people with their black hair covering one eye.. because life is “just THAT unbearable to face.”… yea. and then there’s me and michele… one half of a jazz quartet.

don’t get me wrong. this is fun. i’m just distracted with my people watching in these types of environments.

this is better than tv.

(ok. dude with the santa hat just played an improv song and announced afterwards that he went through 7 different key changes in that song. gosh i love life)

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thanks ani

May 10th, 2006

“a lesson must be lived in order to be learned”

   – ani

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music to work to.

May 8th, 2006

i am really liking the dresden dolls lately. (i must say.. i actually laughed out loud when i listened to the lyrics of the jeep song… and i had my headphones on.. so other people looked at me kinda funny) 🙂

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