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i’m an idiot

April 8th, 2015

i SWORE that i backed up all my posts before closing my hosting account.

i mean.. i was 100% positive i had done this.

but apparently i didn’t.


so the archives are a bit messed up (ok. a lot messed up) because i’ve been rebuilding the database with imports from crossposted entries on livejournal, xanga, even older entries from blogger, and random (very) old database backups that i’ve found. i’m still missing quite a few years… but i may be manually entering those from the wayback machine. (which would potentially take a very large amount of time and annoyance. so that’s gonna have to wait)

so there’s that. back up your databases kids.

$100 per seat?!

August 13th, 2007

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i’m sad right now. michele and i wanted SO desperately to see queen latifah’s upcoming jazz tour… and the presale started today at 10am. so i logged on RIGHT away…. selected two tickets… and *poof* $220. TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS FOR TWO TICKETS TO A CONCERT?! how can anyone get away with that? i don’t understand! how can the everyday “fan” afford to drop $100 on a concert ticket? and how long is a concert? usually around 2 hours. i’m sorry.. but if i’m paying someone over $50/hour they better change the oil in my car, align my front end tires, mow my lawn, water my plants, clean my house, cook for me, give me a massage, straighten my back, buy me three weeks of groceries, do my laundry (and fold it) AND entertain me.

and this is in a big auditorium… so lets put this in perspective. i’m sure there’s over a thousand seats in this place.. but lets just hypothetically say that there’s 1,000 seats. $100 per ticket. that’s $100,000. i’m a musician and i make an average of $35 for the same amount of work.

anyways. i guess the point i’m trying to make is that there’s something horribly wrong with this world when someone can charge $100 for a ticket to a single show. especially when most of this person’s fan base can’t afford that. (myself included)


thanks microsoft

June 15th, 2007

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fresh garden salad, with extras…

June 7th, 2007

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for lunch i went to cousin’s.. and got a garden “fresh” salad with chicken.

sounds normal.. right?

well when i brought it back to work.. and ate almost ALL of it… i look down and see a HUGE dead fly.

so after spitting out all the salad that i had just put in my mouth… i pack up everything and call cousin’s….

“hello, would you like to try one of our new garden fresh salads today”

“uhh.. that’s exactly why i’m calling… “

i end up driving back to cousin’s and then the workers ask me “do you want another salad?” *laughs* “no thanks… i’m just trying to keep the first one DOWN”

in other news…. this is coming….

tonight might just be a ‘party in the basement’… cept.. i don’t really have a basement. -)

new bag and a broken phone.

May 10th, 2007

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first i’ll start out with the broken phone. it’s not really *completely* broken.. only broken to the point of being annoying. -) the little plug on the bottom of my phone, where i plug it in to charge it… is… well.. picky. i have to position the cord a certain way (usually it takes a good couple minutes to play around with it to make the connectors… well.. connect…. so that it will charge) and then TAPE the cord that way. annoying? yes.

but today i got to work and i had a package at my desk! i wasn’t expecting this package so early, so it was a nice surprise. but i ordered a new messenger bag/laptop case. why did i order a new bag you ask? well let me show you….

(note where the arrow is pointing. no. that is not a feature or an ‘extra pocket’.. that would be the bag ripping apart at the seams… literally)

and here’s my new bag:

sorry those pictures are so bad. i only have my camera phone (yes.. the half broken phone i mentioned earlier) so here’s a better picture (from the tumi website) of my new bag…

now hopefully this bag will last longer than my old one.. since i got that old bag around a year ago. this new bag was a little more expensive… but it has a lifetime warranty, so that might help things.

yay for new stuff. but now my lunch break is over. *waves*

what ever happened to april SHOWERS?

April 11th, 2007

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i guess the midwest skipped spring, summer and fall this year.. we decided to go back and try winter again.